Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

14 July 2002

First look at some pretty pictures of typical structures produced by ICSD-for-WWW. Unlicensed users only have access to a demonstration version, with a ~2000 structure subset of over 64,000 inorganic structures. The price of the full database is from $780 to $1550 for unlimited numbers of academic users at Research Institutes. Prices for commercial companies, groups of laboratories, or whole countries, are available on request to Dr Mariette Hellenbrandt at FIZ Karlsruhe.

Just enter eg Y Ba Cu O in the elements box and click Go. (Click on the titles of the input boxes for help).
1. normal screen (at least 800x600 or SVGA)
2. normal screen with passwords (only if you have a password :-)
If you have a small screen, select a smaller font (eg 10 point), and View/Show fewer toolbars to make more space for the input form.

You will surely want to display the VRML structures in 3D. VRML viewers are evolving rapidly, so be sure to read the latest news. ICSD-for-WWW can also calculate, display and print PDF and postscript powder diffraction patterns for X-rays and neutrons; you will need to set-up an Adobe Acrobat or display postscript viewer to view the powder patterns on-screen. Finally, ICSD-for-WWW can output a list of references in the Refer/BibIX format used by Endnote for Windows and Macintosh.

New: The "small" database together with the WWW software, may be freely downloaded from ILL and installed on your own WWW server (SGI, HP or Sun). This is ideal for teaching crystallography. If you later purchase the full ICSD for WWW database from FIZ (not the individual CD license), you may use this WWW software to make it available to your entire laboratory (according to your particular contract). If you are installing ICSD for WWW on your own WWW-server, you will need these instructions. Please consult as well the latest news about ICSD for WWW.

If errors in the database are discovered, they should be transmitted to Dr Mariette Hellenbrandt at FIZ Karlsruhe, while errors in the interface should be reported to Dr Alan Hewat at ILL Grenoble. An ICSD WWW Users' Group and newsletter is maintained by the software company CRYSTAL IMPACT.

ICSD is copyright by FIZ-Karlsruhe, the CRYSTIN search program is copyright by R. Hundt & R. Sievers, the WWW interface is copyright (1996-2002) by ILL-Grenoble, and the 3D crystal structure visualisation software, xtal-3d is copyright (1994-2002) by Marcus Hewat. For more information about purchasing the ICSD database and the ICSD for WWW intranet server, or for obtaining an individual licence to use the full database, please contact FIZ Karlsruhe via:

Dr Mariette Hellenbrandt,
Information Services,
FIZ Karlsruhe,
D-76012 Karlsruhe,
Fax (49) 7247-808-666. email crysdata@fiz-karlsruhe.de

Please report any problems with ICSD for WWW to hewat@ill.fr (Alan Hewat).