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CC=Collection Code: [AB2X4]=ANX Form: [cF56]=Pearson: [e d a]=Wyckoff Symbol: [Al2MgO4]=Structure Type:
***Click the ANX, Pearson or Wyckoff Symbol to find structures with that symbol***.
<'to t:/lati.t'>ssr> .org/Lheaowrap> c"> <'to t:/lati.t'>ssr> .org/guestquery?se Tch_=2Fb=journalx&aur>=Ocus&l; ch=Acnd Physicd P sunicd&voluame30&p rel125&ye T=1966&multi_hit=on&view_=221" s=Se Tch' <"to t:/lati.scUAGs.com/scUAGs/licults/licults.url?sOld=plf-f&> SCOPUSowrap> c"> <"to t:/lati.scirGs.com/srsapp/se Tch?t=all&q=Ocus&cn=aur> r&cob>1D&t=all&q=&cn=issn&g=a&fdt=1966&tdt=1966&dt=all&ff=all& s=jnl& s=nom& s=web&sa=all&g=a <"to t:/lscholar.google.com/scholar?&q=aur> r%3AOcus&as_ylo=1966&as_yhi=1966
CC=28282 Help avas/expavas3" wi/r="0" rable summarfefefe Sytpt" >T; chkoff Stpt"tptEtudCC=u Pesteme Ga2 O3 Fe O - Fe2 O3 Fe O par diffr"actio dCCneutrons. Stpt"/r="0" rable summarfefefe Sytpt" >Aur> rskoff Stpt"tptOcus, A. Stpt"/r="0" rable summarfefefe Sytpt" >Referenchkoff Stpt"tptAcnd Physicd P sunicd (1966)t 0 30koff, 125-134 c">
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Atom (site) Oxid.p> < Stpt0" cable summarfefefe Sy >x, y, z, B, Occupancyp> < Stpt0"/r="0" r>" cable summarfefefe or="#ccc> <>" r>" c>Fe1 Stpt"tpt(8a) Stpt"tpt3 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>Fe2 Stpt"tpt(16d) Stpt"tpt3 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>Fe3 Stpt"tpt(16d) Stpt"tpt2 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>Ga1 Stpt"tpt(8a) Stpt"tpt3 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>Ga2 Stpt"tpt(16d) Stpt"tpt3 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>O1 Stpt"tpt(32e) Stpt"tpt-2 Stpt"/r=""/ <>" r>" c>0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0.42 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0.34 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0.5 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0.58 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0.625 Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt0.16 Stpt"/r="" r>" c>0.3800(5) Stpt"tpt0.3800(5) Stpt"tpt0.3800(5) Stpt"tpt0 Stpt"tpt1 Stpt"/r=""/ "ink href="icsd.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"0"!--ue=pcw=4*leseen.dex.p/5; if(w <= 700){w=9*leseen.dex.p/10}; if(w >= 880){w=880}; ue=pch=leseen.login.; if(h >= 800){h=800}; w0=leseen.dex.p-w;ue=pcd.js"moveTo(20,20ar width="100%"','scr Sy[e d aref="ifooscr Syb>on line w/h% l="stylesheet">
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