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CC=Collection Code: [AB2X4]=ANX Form: [cF56]=Pearson: [e d a]=Wyckoff Symbol: [Al2MgO4]=Structure Type:
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/tdR=0.0070001">ESC PDF =48-12761"> d enCalcuelH2>Dtd>ExperunusuinlH2s amboloravagiAutge dr="rpabb); t="ratomicrimenaN vs do>: agreembol to ravacalcuelH2>Dturompilestomp.T="rcop">inlH2s amboprob acyrcorlbar. d enCp. 25006 d enPDF 48-1276>
CC=1145 Help
TitleExperimental charge density distribution in potassium azide by diffraction methods.
AuthorsStevens, E.Dhel > Shel-X Stevens, E.Dhel > Shel-X Compoundalue=fpTIOr/lcb>K1 N3alue - sity distributcb>[ithImage">AX3tml"] [ithImage">tI16tml"] [ithImage">h c atml"] [ithImage">tml"] tar>Stevens, E.Dhel > Shel-X CON alue=fpTIOr/l6.1188(6), 6.1188(6), 7.1015(10), 90., 90., 90.d entalI4/MCM (140)alue V=265.88>Stevens, E.Dhel > Shel-X c4,tualue/exTod=#Re"ink,cript:ope/ex >Re"ink,St/" act on lget" action="index.php"> Shel-Xbgctom (Expe) Oxi Shel-Xbgx, y, z, B, OccupaN ybtar>Stev>gcoens, E.Dhel > Shel tev>gco>K1>/td(4c)>/td1>/td(4a)>/td-0.333al/td>/td(8h)>/td-0.333al/td>/tens, E.Dhel > Sheltev>gcd>0>/td0>/td0>/td0>/td1>/td0>/td0.25>/td0>/td1>/td0.63594(9)>/td0>/td0>/td1>tev>gco>K1>/td(4c)>/td1>/td(4a)>/td-0.333al/td>/td(8h)>/td-0.333al/td>/tens, E.Dhel > Sheltev>gcd>0.0232(2)>/td0.232(2)>/td0.0209(2)>/td0>/td0>/td0>/td0.0170(2)>/td0.0205(6)>/td0.0044(4)>/td0>/td0>/td0.0215(3)>/td0.0393(5)>/td-.0020(4)>/td0>/td0>
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