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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2000 Baster, M.; Bouree, F.; Kowalska, A.; Latacz, Z.; The change of crystal and exchange parameters in the vicinity of TN in Cr2 O3 Cr2 O3 R3-CH
1999 Fun, H.-K.; Yang, P.; Sasaki, M.; Inoue, M.; Kadomatsu, H.; gamma - Mo4 O11 Mo4 O11 PNA21
1997 Salje, E.K.H.; Rehmann, S.; Pobell, F.; Morris, D.; Knight, K.S.; Herrmannsdoerfer, T.; Dove, M.T.; Crystal structure and paramagnetic behaviour of epsilon-(W O3-x) W O3 P1C1
1997 Woodward, P.M.; Sleight, A.W.; Vogt, T.; Ferroelectric tungsten trioxide W O3 P1C1
1995 Knorr, R.; Mueller, U.; eta-Mo4 O11 und Mg2 Mo3 O8: eine neue Synthese und Verfeinerung ihrer Kristallstrukturen Mo4 O11 P121/C1
1992 Oi, J.; Kishimoto, A.; Kudo, T.; Hiratani, M.; Hexagonal tungsten trioxide obtained from peroxo-polytungstate and reversible lithium electro-intercalation into its framework W O3 P63/MCM
1991 McCarron, E.M.III.; Calabrese, J.C.; The growth and single crystal structure of a high pressure phase of molybdenum trioxide: Mo O3 - II Mo O3 P121/M1
1990 Komdeur, A.J.H.; de Boer, J.L.; van Smaalen, S.; Determination of the incommensurately modulated structure of Mo8O23 by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction Mo8 O23 P12/C1
1980 Finger, L.W.; Hazen, R.M.; Crystal structure and isothermal compression of Fe2 O3, Cr2 O3 and V2 O3 to 50 kbars Cr2 O3 R3-CH Eskolaite
1979 Gerand, B.; Novogorocki, G.; Guenot, J.; Figlarz, M.; Structural study of a new hexagonal form of tungsten trioxide W O3 P6/MMM
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