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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Huang Fu Qiang; Ibers, J.A.; Na3 V O S3 Na3 (V O S3) CMC21
2004 Jauch, W.; Reehuis, M.; Schultz, A.J.; Gamma-ray and neutron diffraction studies of Co F2: magnetostriction, electron density and magnetic moments Co F2 P42/MNM
2004 Dong Zhi-Li; White, T.J.; Calcium-lead fluoro-vanadinite apatites. II. Equilibrium structures (Pb5.55 Ca4.45) (V O4)6 (F0.68 O0.16)2 P63/M Fluorovanadinite
2003 Daniels, P.; Lichtenberg, F.; van Smaalen, S.; Perovskite-related La Ti O3.41 La5 Ti5 O17 P121/C1
2003 Tahiri, A.A.; Ouarsal, R.; Lachkar, M.; Zavalij, P.Yu.; El Bali, B.; Dipotassium zinc bis(dihydrogendiphosphate) dihydrate, K2 Zn (H2 P2 O7)2 * 2(H2 O) K2 Zn (H2 P2 O7)2 (H2 O)2 P1-
2003 Bremner, C.A.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Bis(1-carbamoylguanidinium) diaquatetrachlorocobaltate(II) (C2 H7 N4 O)2 (Co Cl4 (H2 O)2) P121/N1
2003 Vasil'ev, A.D.; Astachov, A.M.; Molokeev, M.S.; Kruglyakova, L.A.; Stepanov, R.S.; 1,2-Dinitroguanidine (C (N H2) (N (N O2))) ((N H) (N O2)) P212121
2003 Norberg, S.T.; Gustafsson, J.; Mellander, B.-E.; Phase transitions in KTP isostructures: correlation between structure and Tc in germanium-doped Rb Ti O P O4 Rb (Ti O) (P O4) PNA21
2003 Albe, K.; Weirich, T.E.; Structure and stability of alpha- and beta-(Ti2 Se). Electron diffraction versus density-functional theory calculations Ti2 Se PNMA
2003 Okrusch, M.; Hock, R.; Schuessler, U.; Brummer, A.; Baier, M.; Theisinger, H.; Intergrown niobian rutile phases with Sc- and W-rich ferrocolumbite: an electron-microprobe and Rietveld study (Ti0.952 Nb0.048) O2 P42/MNM Rutile, niobian
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