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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Krivovichev, S.V.; Burns, P.C.; Synthesis and crystal structure of Li2 ((U O2) (Mo O4)2), a uranyl molybdate with chains of corner-sharing uranyl square bipyramids and Mo O4 tetrahedra Li2 ((U O2) (Mo O4)2) P1-
2002 Britvin, S.N.; Rudashevsky, N.S.; Krivovichev, S.V.; Burns, P.C.; Polekhovsky, Y.S.; Allabogdanite, (Fe, Ni)2 P, a new mineral from the Onello meteorite: the occurrence and crystal structure (Fe1.5 Ni0.5) P PNMA Allabogdanite
2001 Krivovichev, S.V.; Burns, P.C.; Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. IV. The structures of M2 ((U O2)6 (Mo O4)7 (H2 O)2) (M = Cs, N H4) (N H4)2 ((U O2)6 (Mo O4)7 (H2 O)2) PBCM
2000 Li, Y.-P.; Burns, P.C.; Investigations of crystal-chemical variability in lead uranyl oxide hydrates. I. Curite Pb3.112 (H2 O)2 ((U O2)4 O4.112 (O H)2.888)2 PNAM Curite
2000 Li, Y.-P.; Burns, P.C.; Investigations of crystal-chemical variability in lead uranyl oxide hydrates. I. Curite Pb2.892 (H2 O)2 ((U O2)4 O3.892 (O H)3.108)2 PNAM Curite
1995 Burns, P.C.; Hawthorne, F.C.; The crystal structure of sinkankasite, a complex heteropolyhedral sheet mineral (Mn (H2 O)4) (Al (P O3 O H)2 (O H)) (H2 O)2 P1- Sinkankasite
1995 Burns, P.C.; Novak, M.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Fluorine-hydroxyl variation in hambergite: a crystal structure study Be2 (B O3) ((O H)0.94 F0.06) PBCA Hambergite
1994 Burns, P.C.; Cooper, M.A.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Jahn-Teller distorted Mn(3+) O6 octahedra in frederikssonite, the fourth polymorph of Mg2 Mn(3+) (B O3) O2 (Mg1.98 Fe0.02) (Mn0.78 Fe0.2 Al0.02) (B O3) O2 PBAM Frederikssonite
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