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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2002 Neeraj, S.; Noy, M.L.; Rao, C.N.R.; Cheetham, A.K.; Sodalite networks formed by metal squarates Zn (C4 O4) (H2 O)2 PN3-NZ
1995 Warner, J.K.; Cheetham, A.K.; Cox, D.E.; Determination of the cation distribution in Ni Fe2 (P O4)2 using resonant X-ray and neutron powder diffraction Ni Fe2 (P O4)2 P121/C1 Graftonite nickelian
1994 Attfield, M.P.; Morris, R.E.; Cheetham, A.K.; Synthesis and structures of two isostructural phosphites, Fe11 (H PO3)8 (O H)6 and Mn11 (H P O3)8 (O H)6 Mn11 (H P O3)8 (O H)6 P63MC
1991 Attfield, J.-P.; Cheetham, A.K.; Johnson, D.C.; Novet, T.; Magnetic frustration, spirals and short range order in CrxFe1-xVO4-I solid solutions (Cr.495 Fe.505) (V O4) C12/M1
1990 Ijjaali, M.; Malaman, B.; Gleitzer, C.; Warner, J.K.; Hriljac, J.A.; Cheetham, A.K.; Stability, structure refinement, and magnetic properties of beta - Fe2 (P O4) O Fe2 (P O4) O I41/AMDZ
1989 Pickering, I.J.; Maddox, P.J.; Thomas, J.M.; Cheetham, A.K.; A neutron powder diffraction analysis of poassium-exchanged ferrierite K3.34 (H3 O)0.55 (Al4 Si32 O72) IMMM Ferrierite
1974 Titcomb, C.G.; Cheetham, A.K.; Fender, B.E.F.; A neutron diffraction study of the hydrides of the early lanthanide elements at room temperature Pr D2.37 I41MD
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