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2001 Tobola, J.; Bacmann, M.; Fruchart, D.; Wolfers, P.; Kaprzyk, S.; Koumina, A.-A.; Structure and magnetism in the polymorphous Mn Fe As Mn Fe As P4/NMMS
2000 Ayres de Campos, J.; Ferreira, L.P.; Mendes, P.J.; Gil, J.M.; Ferreira, I.C.; Bacmann, M.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Fruchart, D.; Godinho, M.; Ayres de Campos, N.; Study of R Fe9.5 Mo2.5 H (R = Y, Dy, Ho, Er) and R Fe9.5 Mo2.5 N (R= Y, Dy) compounds by Mossbauer spectroscopy, magnetisation and neutron powder diffraction Y Fe9.6 Mo2.4 N0.91 I4/MMM
1999 Soubeyroux, J.L.; Fruchart, D.; Biris, A.S.; Structural studies of Laves phases Zr Co (V1-x Crx) with 0 Zr Co V D3.3 P63/MMC
1992 Pontonnier, L.; Miraglia, S.; Fruchart, D.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Baudry, A.; Boyer, P.; Structral study of hyperstoichiometric alloys Zr Mn2+x and their hydrides Mn8.91 (Hf0.05 Zr0.95)3.09 D8.5 P63/MMC
1991 Pontonnier, L.; Fruchart, D.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Triantafillidis, G.; Berthier, Y.; Structural and magnetic behavour of Lu Fe2 Hx Lu Fe2 H2.8 R3-MH
1991 Triantafillidis, G.; Pontonnier, L.; Fruchart, D.; Wolfers, P.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Effect of hydrogen absorption on the structural properties of the hyperstoichiometric alloys Zr(Mn0.72Fe0.28)2+x (Zr0.642 Mn0.358) (Mn1.18 Fe0.82) D1.539 P63/MMC
1987 Fruchart, D.; Berthier, Y.; de Saxce, T.; Vulliet, P.; Etudes structurales et magnetiques de formes cubiques et rhomboedriques Ln Fe2 Hx, Ln=Er,Tb Er Fe2 H3.45 R3-MR
1987 Dalmas de Reotier, P.; Fruchart, D.; Pontonnier, L.; Vaillant, F.; Wolfers, P.; Yaouanc, A.; Coey, J.M.D.; Fruchart, R.; l'Heritier, P.; Structural and magnetic properties of RE2 Fe14 B H(D)x; RE= Y, Ce, Er Y2 Fe14 B P42/MNM
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