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2004 Ehrenberg, H.; Hartmann, T.; Bramnik, K.G.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Yttrium rhenium oxide, Y7 Re O14-d: a cubic fluorite superstructure Y7 Re O14.16 FM3-M
2003 Bramnik, K.G.; Ehrenberg, H.; Dehn, J.K.; Fuess, H.; Preparation, crystal structure and magnetic properties of double perovskites M2 Mg Re O6 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba) Ba2 Mg Re O6 FM3-M
2003 Haas, F.; Adams, A.H.; Buhrmester, T.; Schimanke, G.; Martin, M.; Fuess, H.; X-ray absorption and X-ray diffraction studies on molybdenum doped vanadium pentoxide (V0.92 Mo0.08)2 O5 PMMNZ
2001 Yonkeu, A.L.; Buschmann, V.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Goossens, A.M.; Martens, J.A.; Structural characterization of a new "core-shell" zeolite overgrowth system: faujasite on micro-sized EMT crystals Na56 (Al56 Si136 O384) FD3-MZ Faujasite
2000 Gonschorek, G.; Weitzel, H.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Schmahl, W.W.; The crystal structures of Na N O3 at 100 K, 120 K, and 563 K Na (N O3) R3-CH
1995 Gonschorek, W.; Schmahl, W.W.; Weitzel, H.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Anharmonic motion and multipolar expansion of the electron density in Na N O3 Na (N O3) R3-CH
1995 Wiesmann, M.; Svoboda, H.; Weitzel, H.; Fuess, H.; The Structure of Lithiumcobaltmolybdate Li2 Co2 (Mo O4)3 Li2 Co2 (Mo O4)3 PNMA
1994 Alkemper, J.; Paulus, H.; Fuess, H.; Crystal structure of aluminium dicalcium pentasodium tetrakis(phosphate), Na5 Ca2 Al (P O4)4 Na5 Ca2 Al (P O4)4 C1C1
1994 Alkemper, J.; Paulus, H.; Fuess, H.; Crystal structure of aluminium sodium pyrophosphate, NaAlP2O7 Na Al (P2 O7) P121/C1
1992 Koennecke, M.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Static disorder of dodecasil 3C. A Single-crystal study with synchrotron radiation Si O2 FD3-MZ Dodecasil 3C
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