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2003 Bremner, C.A.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Bis(1-carbamoylguanidinium) diaquatetrachlorocobaltate(II) (C2 H7 N4 O)2 (Co Cl4 (H2 O)2) P121/N1
2000 Harrison, W.T.A.; Johnston, M.G.; Syntheses and structures of two selenite chloride hydrates: Co (H Se O3) Cl . 3(H2 O) and Cu (H Se O3) Cl . 2(H2 O) Cu (H Se O3) Cl (H2 O)2 PNMA
1997 Harrison, W.T.A.; Zhang, Z.; Synthesis and structure of La (H Se O3) (Se O4) . 2(H2 O) La (H Se O3) (Se O4) (H2 O)2 P121/N1
1996 Harrison, W.T.A.; Broach, R.W.; Bedard, R.A.; Gier, T.E.; Bu, X.-H.; Stucky, G.D.; Synth. and characteriz. of a new family of thermally stable open-framework zincophosphate/arsenate phases: M3 Zn4 O (X O4)3 . n(H2 O). Crystal structures of Rb3 Zn4 O (P O4)3 . 3.5(H2 O), K3 Zn4 O (As O4)3 . 4(H2 O) and Na3 Zn4 O (P O4)3 . 6(H2 Na3 Zn4 O (P O4)3 (H2 O)6 R3CR
1995 Harrison, W.T.A.; Phillips, M.L.F.; Stucky, G.D.; Substitution chemistry of gallium for titanium in nonlinear optical K Ti O P O4: syntheses and single-crystal structures of K Ga F1-d (O H)d P O4 (d=0.3) and K Ga0.5 Ge0.5 (F, O H)0.5 O0.5 P O4 K Ga F (P O4) PNA21
1994 Nenoff, T.M.; Stucky, G.D.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Two organically-templated vanadium arsenate phases: V4 As6 O30 H6 * 2 N2 C6 H14 * 4 H2 O and V4 As6 O30 H8 * 2 N (C H3)4 * 5.33 H2 O (V4 As6 O30 H8) (N (C H3)4)2 (H2 O)5.33 CMCA Zeolite VAs-TMA
1991 Gier, T.E.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Stucky, G.D.; Synthese und Struktur einiger neuer Sodalithe: Lithium halogenoberyllophosphate und -arsenate Li8 Br2 (Be6 P6 O24) P4-3N
1990 Corbin, D.R.; Abrams, L.; Jones, G.A.; Eddy, M.M.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Stucky, G.D.; Cox, D.E.; Flexibility of the zeolite RHO framework. In situ X-ray and neutron powder structural characterization of divalent cation-exchanged zeolite RHO Ca3.95 (N D4)4.1 (Al12 Si36 O96) I4-3M Zeolite Rho
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