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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2002 Huminicki, D.M.C.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Hydrogen bonding in the crystal structure of seamanite Mn3 (B (O H)4) (P O4) (O H)2 PBNM Seamanite
2001 Hawthorne, F.C.; Schindler, M.; Grice, J.D.; Haynes, P.; Orthominasragrite, V(4+) O (S O4) (H2 O)5, a new mineral species from Temple Mountain, Emery County, Utah, USA (V O (H2 O)5) (S O4) PMN21 Orthominasragrite
1999 Grice, J.D.; Cooper, M.A.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Crystal structure determination of twinned kettnerite Ca Bi (C O3) O F PMMNZ Kettnerite
1998 Selway, J.B.; Novak, M.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Cerny, P.; Ottolini, L.; Kyser, T.K.; Rossmanite, (Li Al2) Al6 (Si6 O18) (B O3)3 (O H)4, a new alkali-deficient tourmaline: description and crystal structure Na0.43 (Al2.17 Li0.83) Al6 (Si6 O18) (B O3)3 (O H)4 R3MH Rossmanite
1997 Cooper, M.A.; Hawthorne, F.C.; The crystal structure of wicksite Na Ca2 (Fe1.58 Mg.42) (Fe1.28 Mg.54 Al.18) (Fe1.4 Mn.6) (P O4)6 (H2 O)2 PCAB Wicksite
1995 Hawthorne, F.C.; Oberti, R.; Cannillo, E.; Sardone, N.; Zanetti, A.; Grice, J.D.; Ashley, P.M.; A new anhydrous amphibole from the Hoskins mine, Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia: description and crystal structure of ungaretiite, Na Na2 (Mn(2+)2 Mn(3+)3) Si8 O22 O2 (Na0.80 K0.15) (Na1.97 Ca0.03) (Mn0.93 Mg0.07) (Mn1.78 Mg0.22) Mn2 (Si8 O22) O2 H.2 C12/M1 Ungarettiite
1995 Oberti, R.; Ungaretti, L.; Cannillo, E.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Memmi, I.; Temperature-dependent Al order-disorder in the tetrahedral double chain of C2/m amphiboles (Na.4 K.1) (Ca1.84 Fe.16) (Mg3.1 Fe1.1 Al.3 Fe.2 Ti.3) (Si6.4 Al1.6) O22 (O H)2 C12/M1 Pargasite
1995 Burns, P.C.; Hawthorne, F.C.; The crystal structure of sinkankasite, a complex heteropolyhedral sheet mineral (Mn (H2 O)4) (Al (P O3 O H)2 (O H)) (H2 O)2 P1- Sinkankasite
1995 Burns, P.C.; Novak, M.; Hawthorne, F.C.; Fluorine-hydroxyl variation in hambergite: a crystal structure study Be2 (B O3) ((O H)0.94 F0.06) PBCA Hambergite
1994 Hawthorne, F.C.; Ungaretti, L.; Oberti, R.; Cannillo, E.; Smelik, E.A.; The mechanism of ª6³Li incorporation in amphiboles (Na.8 K.2) (Na1.9 Ca.1) (Li.7 Mg2.4 Al.2 Fe1.5 Ti.2) Si8 O22.5 F.4 (O H)1.1 C12/M1 Leakeite
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