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2001 Wakeshima, M.; Hinatsu, Y.; Crystal structure and magnetic properties of new quaternary sulfides Ba Ln2 M S5 (Ln= La, Ce, Pr, Nd ; M= Co, Zn) and Ba Nd2 Mn S5 Ba La2 Zn S5 I4/MCM
2001 Tezuka, K.; Hinatsu, Y.; Magnetic and crystallographic properties of Ln Cr O4 (Ln = Nd, Sm and Dy) Sm Cr O4 I41/AMDS
2001 Ino, K.; Wakeshima, M.; Hinatsu, Y.; Synthesis and crystal structure of new quaternary sulfides Ba Ln2 Fe S5 (Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm) Ba Ce2 Fe S5 I4/MCM
1999 Toda, K.; Teranishi, T.; Ye, Z.-G.; Sato, M.; Hinatsu, Y.; Structural chemistry of new ion-exchangeable tantalates with layered perovskite structure: new Dion-Jacobson phase M Ca2 Ta3 O10(M = alkali metal) and Ruddlesden-Popper phase Na2 Ca2 Ta3 O10 Na Ca2 (Ta3 O10) I4/MMM
1998 Tezuka, K.; Hinatsu, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Inami, T.; Shimojo, Y.; Morii, Y.; Magnetic and neutron diffraction study on perovskites La(1-x) Sr(x)Cr O3 (La0.95 Sr0.05) (Cr O3) PNMA
1996 Hinatsu, Y.; Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of Pr4+ in Ba Ce O3, Ba Zr O3, Ba Sn O3, and their solid solutions Ba (Ce0.7 Zr0.3) O3 PM3-M
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