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2004 Rizzoli, C.; Salamakha, P.S.; Sologub, O.L.; Belletti, D.; Goncalves, A.P.; Almeida, M.; X-ray single-crystal investigation of rare earth osmium silicides Ce (Ru0.6 Os0.4)2 Si2 I4/MMM
2004 Sologub, O.; Salamakha, P.; Rizzoli, C.; Goncalves, A.P.; Ipser, H.; Almeida, M.; Structural investigation of the ternary R M3 B2 compounds Y Ir3 B2 C12/M1
2004 Grey, I.E.; Bordet, P.; Li, C.; Roth, R.S.; Phase stability and non-stoichiometry in M-phase solid solutions in the system Li O0.5 - Nb O2.5 - Ti O2 Li6.996 Nb2.082 Ti5.91 O21 P3-C1
2001 Petz, W.; Weller, F.; Barthel, A.; Mealli, C.; Reinhold, J.; Preparation, spectroscopic properties, and crystal structures of Fe2 (C O)6 (mue-(C O)) (mue-(C F2))2, Fe2 (C O)6 (mue-(C O))2 (mue-(C F2)), and Fe2 (C O)6 (mue-(C F2)) (P Ph3)2 - theoretical studies of methylenic carbon bridges ((C O)2 (C F2) (Fe (C O)3)2) P121/M1
2000 Grey, I.E.; Cranswick, L.M.D.; Li, C.; White, T.J.; Bursill, L.A.; New M3 O5 - anatase intergrowth structures formed during low-temperature oxidation of anosovite Ti6 O11 C12/M1
1999 Lugli, C.; Medici, L.; Saccardo, D.; Natural wulfenite : structural refinement by single-crystal X-ray diffraction Pb (Mo O4) I41/AZ Wulfenite
1998 Grey, I.E.; Li, C.; Ness, T.; Nonstoichiometric Li-pseudobrookite(ss) in the Li2 O-Fe2 O3-Ti O2 system Li0.375 Fe1.23 Ti1.4 O5 CCMM Pseudobrookite
1996 Demartin, F.; Gramaccioli, C.M.; Pilati, T.; Sciesa, E.; Sigismundite, (Ba, K, Pb) Na3 (Ca, Sr) (Fe, Mg, Mn)14 Al (O H)2 (P O4)12, a new Ba-rich member of the arrojadite group from Spluga Valley, Italy (Ca0.79 Sr0.20) Na3.26 (Ba0.78 K0.12 Pb0.07 Sr0.02) (Fe8.11 Mg5.68 Mn0.21) Al (P O4)12 (O H)2 C12/C1 Sigismundite
1994 Grey, I.E.; Li, C.; Madsen, I.C.; Phase equilibria and structural studies on the solid solution MgTi2O5-Ti3O5 Mg0.09 Ti2.91 O5 C12/M1
1993 Demartin, F.; Pilati, T.; Gay, D.; Gramaccioli, C.M.; The crystal structure of a mineral related to paulkerrite K.32 Ti (Fe.21 Mn.75 Mg.04)2 (Al.07 Fe.68 Ti.28)2 (P O4)4 (O.6 F.4)2 (H2 O)15.56 PBCA Benyacarite
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