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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Parthe, E.; Hu, S.-Z.; Ca Fe O2 Cl and Ca2 Fe O3 Cl with higher space group symmetry, a reevaluation Ca Fe O2 Cl C12/M1
1991 Cenzual, K.; Gelato, L.M.; Penzo, M.; Parthe, E.; Inorganic structure types with revised space groups.I. Mn2 Al B2 CMMM
1984 Chabot, B.; Engel, N.; Parthe, E.; Scandium iron silicides with Ti Ni Si - , Hf3 Ni2 Si3 - and Sc2 Co Si2 - type structures Sc3 Fe2 Si3 CMCM
1984 Cenzual, K.; Parthe, E.; Hexagonal Y13 Pd40 Sn31, a new structure type containing intergrown Ca Cu5- and Mn Cu2 Al-type derived structure segments Pd40 Sn31 Y13 P6/MMM
1979 Liebich, B.W.; Sarp, H.; Parthe, E.; The crystal structure of Chantalite, Ca Al2 (O H)4 Si O4 Ca Al2 (O H)4 Si O4 I41/AZ Chantalite
1970 Yvon, K.; Parthe, E.; On the crystal chemistry of close packed transition-metal carbides. I. The crystal structures of the zeta-V, Nb and Ta carbides V4 C2.66 R3-MH
1969 Joubert-Bettan, C.A.; Lachenal, R.; Bertaut, E.F.; Parthe, E.; The crystal structures of Na2 Zn Si O4, Na2 Zn Ge O4 and Na2 Mg Ge O4 Na2 Zn (Ge O4) P1N1
1969 Rieger, W.; Parthe, E.; Ternaere Erdalkali- und Seltene Erd-Silicide und -Germanide mit Al B2-Struktur La Cu Si P6/MMM
1969 Rieger, W.; Parthe, E.; Ternaere Erdalkali- und Seltene Erd-Silicide und -Germanide mit Al B2-Struktur Er Cu Si P6/MMM
1969 Parthe, E.; Yvon, K.; Deich, R.H.; The crystal structure of Cu2 Cd Ge S4 and other quaternary normal tetrahedral structure compounds (Cu0.25 Ga0.25 Zn0.5) Te F4-3M
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