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2003 von Schnering, H.G.; Chang Jen-Hui; Peters, K.; Peters, E.-M.; Wagner, F.R.; Grin', Yu.N.(Hrin',.Yu.N.); Thiele, G.; Structure and bonding of the hexameric platinum(II) dichloride, Pt6 Cl12 (beta-(Pt Cl2)) Pt Cl2 R3-MH
2002 Hoenle, W.; Buresch, J.; Peters, K.; Chang, J.-H.; von Schnering, H.G.; Crystal structure of the catena-pentelides K As and Na (As0.5 Sb0.5) K As P212121
1998 von Schnering, H.G.; Llanos, J.; Grin', Yu.N.(Hrin', Yu.N.); Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Peters, E.-M.; Peters, K.; Crystal structure of dicaesium disodium tetragermanide(4-), Cs2 Na2 Ge4 Cs2 Na2 Ge4 P121/N1
1998 von Schnering, H.G.; Kroener, R.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Peters, K.; Nesper, R.; Crystal structure of the novel chiral clathrate, Ba6 In4 Ge21 Ba6 In4 Ge21 P4132
1997 Mujica, C.; Peters, K.; Peters, E.-M.; von Schnering, H.G.; Crystal structure of tetraaquabis(perrhenato)nickel(II) (Ni (H2 O)4) (Re O4)2 P1-
1996 Peters, K.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Somer, M.; von Schnering, H.G.; Crystal structure of hexabarium di-mue-phosphidobis(diphosphidogallate(III)), Ba6 (Ga2 P6) Ba6 (P2 (Ga P2)2) CMCA
1995 Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Peters, K.; von Schnering, H.G.; Menzel, F.; Brockner, W.; Crystal structure and vibrational spectrum of thallium(I) europium(II) tetrathiophosphate(V), Tl Eu (P S4) Tl Eu (P S4) PNMA
1991 Somer, M.; Peters, K.; von Schnering, H.G.; Crystal structure of dipotassium sodium catena-di-mue-phosphidoborate, K2 Na B P2 K2 Na (B P2) C12/M1
1988 Chattopadhyay, T.K.; Devreux, F.; Peters, K.; Gmelin, E.; Ghosh, B.; Crystal structure and phase transitions in Mn Ti F6 * 6 H2 O and Zn Ti F6 * 6 H2 O Mn (Ti F6) (H2 O)6 R3-H
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