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1992 Glinnemann, J.; King, H.E.jr.; Schulz, H.; Hahn, T.; la Placa, S.J.; Dacol, F.; Crystal structures of the low-temperature quartz-type phases of Si O2 and Ge O2 at elevated pressure Si O2 P3121 Quartz
1990 Palosz, B.; Steurer, W.; Schulz, H.; The structure of Pb I2 polytypes 2H and 4H: a study of the 2H - 4H transition Pb1.785 I3.570 P3M1
1983 Beck, H.P.; Limmer, A.; Denner, W.; Schulz, H.; Influence of High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Crystal Structure of Ba F Cl in the Pressure Range up to 6.5GPa Ba F Cl P4/NMMZ Barium-matlockite
1972 Tscherry, V.; Schulz, H.; Laves, F.; Average and superstructure of beta-Eucryptite (Li Al Si O4). Part I. Average structure (Li Al Si O4).5 P6222 Pseudo-eucryptite
1970 Tscherry, V.; Schulz, H.; Synthesis and x-ray reflection pattern of beta-eucryptite Li Al (Si O4) P6422 Pseudo-eucryptite
1965 Schulz, H.; Saalfeld, H.; Zur Kristallstruktur des Noseans, Na8 S O4 (Si6 Al6 O24) Na8 (S O4) (Al6 Si6 O24) P4-3M Nosean
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