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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
1991 Sugiyama, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; The crystal structure of rutile as a function of temperature up to 1600 degrees C Ti O2 P42/MNM Rutile
1987 Ogata, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Kudoh, Y.; Structure of alpha-quartz as a function of temperature and pressure Si O2 P3221 Quartz low
1985 Murakami, T.; Takeuchi, Y.; Yamanaka, T.; High-temperature crystallography of a protopyroxene (Mg.36 Co0.04 Sc0.1) (Mg0.34 Co0.06 Li0.1) (Si O3) PBCN Protopyroxene
1982 Takeuchi, Y.; Haga, N.; Umizu, S.; Sato, G.; The derivate structure of silicate garnets in grandite Ca3 Al.84 Fe1.16 Si3 O12 FDDDZ Andradite, aluminian
1980 Sasaki, S.; Fujino, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Sadanaga, R.; On the Estimation of Atomic Charges by the X-Ray Method for some Oxides and Silicates Mg (Si O3) PBCA Enstatite
1977 Takeuchi, Y.; Kudoh, Y.; Hydrogen bonding and cation ordering in Magnet Cove pectolite H Na Ca2 (Si3 O9) P1- Pectolite 1A
1976 Haga, N.; Takeuchi, Y.; Neutron diffraction study of Ilvaite Ca (Fe0.5 Fe0.5)2 (Fe0.815 Mn0.185) O Si2 O7 (O H) PBNM Ilvaite
1967 Takeuchi, Y.; Joswig, W.; The Structure of Haradaite and a Note on the Si-O Bond Lengths in Silicates Sr V Si2 O7 AMAM Haradaite
1966 Takeuchi, Y.; Structures of Brittle Micas Ca Al2 (Al2 Si2) O10 (O H)2 C12/C1 Margarite 2M1
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