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2001 Subbarao, M.V.; Kundaliya, D.C.; Kulkarni, R.G.; Malik, S.K.; Yelon, W.B.; Structural studies of the superconducting La2.5 Y0.5 Ca Ba3 (Cu1-x Fex)7 Oz 8 (0 <= x <= 0.1) perovskite system by neutron diffraction (La0.357 Y0.214 Ca0.429) (Ba0.643 La0.357)2 Cu (Cu1.764 Fe0.236) O7.24 P4/MMM
2000 Zavaliy, I.Yu.; Yelon, W.B.; Zavalij, P.Yu.; Saldan, I.V.; Pecharskii, V.K.; The crystal structure of the oxygen-stabilized eta-phase Zr3 V3 Ox D9.6 Zr3 V3 O0.67 FD3-MZ
2000 Xu, Y.-W.; Kramer, M.J.; Dennis, K.W.; Wu, H.; O'Connor, A.; McCallum, R.W.; Malik, S.K.; Yelon, W.B.; Substitution for Ba by Pr, La, and Eu in Eu (Ba1-x Rx)2 Cu3 O7+d solid solutions Eu (Ba0.9 Pr0.1)2 Cu3 O6.94 PMMM
1997 Hu, Z.; Luo, H.; Yelon, W.B.; de Groot, C.H.; de Boer, F.R.; Buschow, K.H.J.; Magnetic properties of Tb2 Mn17 Cx compounds studied by magnetic measurements and neutron diffraction Tb1.95 Mn17.1 C0.86 P63/MMC
1996 Yelon, W.B.; Hu, Z.; Chang, W.C.; Lu, S.L.; Neutron diffraction structural analysis of Y2 Fe15 T2 C (T = Al, Ga, Si) alloys Y2 Fe15.02 Si1.98 C1.116 R3-MH
1994 Kramer, M.J.; Yoo, S.I.; McCallum, R.W.; Yelon, W.B.; Xie, H.; Allenspach, P.; Hole filling, charge transfer and superconductivity in Nd1+x Ba2-x Cu3 O7+d Nd (Nd0.205 Ba0.795)2 Cu3 O7.12 P4/MMM
1993 Wang, Y.-Z.; Hadjipanayis, G.C.; Tang, Z.X.; Yelon, W.B.; Papaefthymiou, V.; Moukarika, A.; Sellmyer, D.J.; Crystallographic and magnetic properties of NdFe10Mo2N0.5 Nd Fe10 Mo2 N0.49 I4/MMM
1986 Littlewood, N.T.; James, W.J.; Yelon, W.B.; Magnetic and crystallographic stucture of Ho6 Mn23 D22 Ho6 Mn23 D21.2 P4/MMM
1984 Herbst, J.F.; Croat, J.J.; Pinkerton, F.E.; Yelon, W.B.; Relationships between crystal structure and magnetic properties in Nd2Fe14B Nd2 Fe14 B P42/MNM
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