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2003 Renaudin, G.; Yvon, K.; Dolukhanyan, S.K.; Aghajanyan, N.N.; Shekhtman, V.Sh.; Crystal structures and thermal properties of titanium carbo-deuterides as prepared by combustion synthesis Ti D2 FM3-M
2001 Bertheville, B.; Herrmannsdoerfer, T.; Yvon, K.; Structure data for K2 Mg H4 and Rb2 Ca H4 and comparison with hydride and fluoride analogues Rb2 (Ca D4) I4/MMM
2000 Bertheville, B.; Fischer, P.; Yvon, K.; Synthesis and crystal structures of Cs2 Mg D4 and Cs3 Mg D5 Cs3 Mg D5 I4/MCM
2000 Kohlmann, H.; Yvon, K.; Revision of the low-temperature structures of rhombohedral Zr Cr2 Dx (x = 3.8), and monoclinic Zr V2 Dx (1.1 < x < 2.3) and Hf V2 Dx (x = 1.9) Zr V2 D1.75 C12/C1
1994 Yanson, T.I.; Manyako, M.B.; Bodak, O.I.; Gladyshevskii, R.E.; Cerny, R.; Yvon, K.; Monoclinic Y2Al3Si2 with a new structure type Y2 Al3 Si2 C12/M1
1992 Bonhomme, F.; Yvon, K.; Fischer, P.; Tetragonal trimagnesium ruthenium trideuteride, Mg3RuD3, containing dinuclear (Ru2D6)(12-) complex anions Mg3 Ru D3 P42/MNM
1982 Yvon, K.; Johnston, D.C.; Orthorhombic Lu Rh4 B4 -A new polytype of R T4 B4 stoichiometry Lu Rh4 B4 CCCAZ
1980 Segre, C.U.; Braun, H.F.; Yvon, K.; Properties of Y3 Ru4 Ge13 and isotypic compounds Ru4 Y3 Ge13 PM3-N
1980 Braun, H.F.; Yvon, K.; Braun, R.M.; Sc5 T4 Si10 (T= Co, Rh, Ir) and Y5 T4 Ge10 (T= Os, Ir) with a new tetragonal structure type Sc5 Co4 Si10 P4/MBM
1973 Flueckiger, R.; Yvon, K.; Susz, C.; Roggen, R.; Paoli, A.; Muller, J.; Les domains d'homogeneite des phases supraconductrices dans le systeme molybdene-platine (Mo Pt) P63/MMC
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