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2002 Fowkes, A.J.; Ibberson, R.M.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; Structural characterization of the redox behavior in copper-exchanged sodium zeolite Y by high-resolution powder neutron diffraction Na62 H2 Al64 Si128 O384 FD3-MZ Zeolite NaY
2002 Heo, N.-H.; Chun, C.W.; Park, J.S.; Lim, W.T.; Park, M.; Li, S.-L.; Zhou, L.-P.; Reaction of fully indium-exchanged zeolite A with hydrogen sulfide. Crystal structures of indium-exchanged zeolite A containing In2 S, In S H, sorbed H2 S and (In5)(7+) (In9.8 H0.4) (Si12 Al12 O48) (In S H)0.4 (H2 S) PM3-M Zeolite A
2002 Zheng Nan-Feng; Bu Xian-Hui; Wang Bing; Feng Ping-Yun; Microporous and photoluminescent chalcogenide zeolite analogs (Ga2.32 Sn1.68 S8) (C6 H18 N4) I4-2D UCR-21GaSnS-TAEA sulfide zeolite
2000 Choi, E.Y.; Kim, Y.; Seff, K.; Structure of a cyclopropane sorption complex of dehydrated fully Cd(2+)-exchanged zeolite A Cd6 Al12 Si12 O48 (C3 H6)4 PM3-M Zeolite A
1999 Pichon, C.; Methivier, A.; Simonot-Grange, M.-H.; Baerlocher, C.; Location of water and xylene molecules adsorbed on prehydrated zeolite BaX. A low-temperature neutron powder diffraction study Na0.99 Ba46.32 Si98.37 Al93.63 O384 (D2 O)51.296 FD3-MZ Zeolite BaX
1995 Jang, S.B.; Song, S.H.; Kim, Y.; Crystal structures of bromine sorption complexes of Ca(2+)-exchanged zeolite A (Ca4 Na4 (Al12 Si12 O48)) Br12 PM3-M Zeolite A
1994 Heo, N.-H.; Cho, K.H.; Kim, J.T.; Seff, K.; Crystal structure of encapsulates within zeolites. 1. Krypton in zeolite A (Na8 Cs2.86 H1.14 (Al12 Si12 O48)) Kr5 PM3-M Zeolite A
1994 Wiebcke, M.; Emmer, J.; Felsche, J.; Hoebbel, D.; Engelhardt, G.; (TMPA)4 (Si8 O20) * 34 H2O and (DDBO)4 (Si8 O20) * 32 H2O are heteronetwork clathrates with 1,1,4,4-tetramethyl piperazinium (TMPA) and 1,4-dimethyl- 1,4-diazoniabicyclo(2.2.2)octane (DDBO) guest cations (C8 H18 N2)4 (Si8 O20) (H2 O)32 P121/C1 Unnamed_Zeolite
1994 Anderson, P.A.; Armstrong, A.R.; Edwards, P.P.; Ionisierung und Elektronendelokalisierung in Kalium-Zeolith-L: eine kombinierte Neutronenbeugungs- und ESR-Studie K9.3 Al9.3 Si26.7 O72 P6/MMM Zeolite L, potassian
1994 Nenoff, T.M.; Stucky, G.D.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Two organically-templated vanadium arsenate phases: V4 As6 O30 H6 * 2 N2 C6 H14 * 4 H2 O and V4 As6 O30 H8 * 2 N (C H3)4 * 5.33 H2 O (V4 As6 O30 H8) (N (C H3)4)2 (H2 O)5.33 CMCA Zeolite VAs-TMA
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