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2004 Ryu Kum Sook; Bae Myung Nam; Kim Yang; Seff, K.; Further crystallographic confirmation that Cs(+) ions can occupy sodalite cavities and double six-rings. Crystal structure of fully dehydrated partially Cs(+)-exchanged zeolite X, (Cs45 Na47) (Si100 Al92 O384) - FAU (Cs45.3 Na46.7) (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
2002 Jeong Gyoung Hwa; Kim Yang; Crystal structures of zeolite X exchanged by two different cations. Structures of (Cd32 Cs28)-X and (Cd28 Rb36)-X (X = Si100 Al92 O384) Cd32 Cs28 (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
2000 Kirschhock, C.E.A.; Hunger, B.; Martens, J.; Jacobs, P.A.; Localisation of residual water in alkali-metal cation-exchanged X and Y type zeolites Cs27.49 Na60.88 (Al88 Si104 O384) (H2 O)18.72 FD3-Z Zeolite X
2000 Zhu, L.; Seff, K.; Rate of Tl(+) exchange into single crystals of zeolite X Tl74.18 Na17.81 (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
1999 Pichon, C.; Methivier, A.; Simonot-Grange, M.-H.; Baerlocher, C.; Location of water and xylene molecules adsorbed on prehydrated zeolite BaX. A low-temperature neutron powder diffraction study Na0.99 Ba46.32 Si98.37 Al93.63 O384 (D2 O)51.296 FD3-MZ Zeolite BaX
1998 Feuerstein, M.; Lobo, R.F.; Characterization of Li cations in zeolite LiX by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and neutron diffraction Li96 (Al Si O4)96 FDDDZ Zeolite LiX-1.0
1998 Kim, Y.; Yeom, Y.H.; Eun, Y.C.; Kim, A.N.; Han, Y.W.; Crystal structure of a benzene sorption complex of dehydrated fully Cd(2+)-exchanged zeolite X Cd46 Si100 Al92 O384 (C6 H6)43 FD3-Z Zeolite X,
1998 Smolin, Yu.I.; Shepelev, Yu.F.; Lapshin, A.E.; Vasil'eva, E.A.; Crystal structures of hydrated (20 C) and dehydrated (250 C) forms of zeolite CdX Cd52.7 (Al92 Si100 O384) (O H)13.4 (H2 O)5.6 FD3-Z Zeolite X
1997 Kim, Y.; Han, Y.W.; Seff, K.; Crystal structure of fully dehydrated fully Tl(+)-exchanged zeolite X Tl92 Al92 Si100 O384 FD3-Z Zeolite X
1996 Jang, S.B.; Park, S.Y.; Song, S.H.; Jeong, M.S.; Kim, Y.; Two crystal structures of the vacuum-dehydrated fully Ag(+)-exchanged zeolite X Ag92 (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
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