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2003 Johnson, M.; O'Connor, D.; Barnes, P.; Catlow, C.R.A.; Owens, S.L.; Sankar, G.; Bell, R.; Teat, S.J.; Stephenson, R.; Cation exchange, dehydration and calcination in clinoptilolite: in situ X-ray diffraction and computer modelling Na6 (Al6 Si30 O72) C12/M1 Clinoptilolite
2001 Kirfel, A.; Krane, H.-G.; Blaha, P.; Schwarz, K.; Lippmann, T.; Electron density distribution in stishovite, Si O2: a new high-energy synchrotron-radiation study Si O2 P42/MNM Stishovite
2000 Lee, Y.-J.; Kim, S.-J.; Parise, J.B.; Synthesis and crystal structures of gallium- and germanium-variantsof the fibrous zeolites with the NAT, EDI and THOstructure types Rb6.98 Na1.11 (Ga7.99 Si12.01 O40) (H2 O)3.32 P4-21C Zeolite EDI
2000 Gonschorek, G.; Weitzel, H.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Schmahl, W.W.; The crystal structures of Na N O3 at 100 K, 120 K, and 563 K Na (N O3) R3-CH
1999 Vanderah, T.A.; Wong-Ng, W.; Toby, B.H.; Browning, V.M.; Shull, R.D.; Geyer, R.G.; Roth, R.S.; Characterization of ternary compounds in the Ba O:Fe2 O3 :TiO2 system: Ba6 Fe45 Ti17 O106 and Ba Fe11 Ti3 O23 Ba6 Fe43.7 Ti18.3 O106 C12/M1
1997 Krane, H.-G.; Kek, S.; Fischer, K.F.; Schwingungsparameter im Perowskit K Ta O3 bei RT und 7 K gemessen mit Synchrotronstrahlung von 0.4 A K (Ta O3) PM3-M
1995 du Boulay, D.; Maslen, E.N.; Strel'tsov, V.A.; Ishizawa, N.; A synchrotron X-ray study of the electron density in Y Fe O3 Y Fe O3 PNMA
1993 Kassner, D.; Baur, W.H.; Joswig, W.; Eichhorn, K.D.; Wendschuh-Josties, M.; Kupcik, V.; A test for the importance of weak reflections in resolving a space- group ambiguity involving the presence or absence of an inversion centre Ca.722 Na.2 Li.452 Al2 (Al2 Si2 O10) O2 H1.98 C1C1 Margarite 2M1
1993 Maslen, E.N.; Strel'tsov, V.A.; Strel'tsova, N.R.; Ishizawa, N.; Satow, Y.; Synchrotron X-ray study of the electron density in alpha-Al2O3 Al2 O3 R3-CH Corundum
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