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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Sologub, O.; Salamakha, P.; Rizzoli, C.; Goncalves, A.P.; Ipser, H.; Almeida, M.; Structural investigation of the ternary R M3 B2 compounds Y Ir3 B2 C12/M1
2004 Michiue, Y.; Onoda, M.; Brown, F.; Kimizuka, N.; Modulated structure of the composite crystal In Cr1-x Tix O3+x/2 In (Cr0.333 Ti0.667) O3.333 C12/M1
2002 Isobe, M.; Kimoto, K.; Takayama-Muromachi, E.; Modulated crystal structure and spin/hole arrangement in the chain compound Cax Cu O2 (x = 0.8240) Ca0.824 Cu O2 F12/M1
2000 Guenther, E.U.; Hagenmayer, R.; Jansen, M.; Strukturuntersuchungen an den Oxidnitriden Sr Ta O2 N, Ca Ta O2 N und La Ta O N2 mittels Neutronen- und Roentgenbeugung Ta La N2 O C12/M1
1996 Voroshilov, Yu.V.; Khudolii, V.A.; Panko, V.V.; Minets, Yu.V.; Phase equilibria in the Hg S - Hg Te - Hg Br2 system and crystal structure of Hg3 S2 Br2 and Hg3 Te Br4 Hg3 S2 Br2 C12/M1
1995 Ruck, M.; Bi5.6 Ni5 I: Eine partiell oxidierte intermetallische Phase mit Kanalstruktur Bi5.6 Ni5 I I12/M1
1992 Chisholm, J.E.; Powder-diffraction patterns and structural models for palygorskite Mg5 (Si4 O10)2 (O H)2 (H2 O)8 C12/M1 Palygorskite M
1992 Hansen, T.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Ds erste Erdalkalimetall-Mercurato(II)-Palladat(II,IV): Ba2 Hg3 (Pd2+)5 (Pd4+)2 O14 Ba2 (Hg3 Pd5 Pd2 O14) C12/M1
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