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2003 Song, G.B.; Liang, J.K.; Yang, L.T.; Liu, F.S.; Rao, G.-H.; Subsolidus phase relations of the constant copper oxide content (50mol%) section in the (Pr O11/6) - (Ba O) - (Ca O) - (Cu O) system at 950 C (Pr0.6 Ca0.4) (Ba1.6 Pr0.4) Cu3 O7.12 P4/MMM
2002 Rayaprol, S.; Mavani, K.; Rana, D.S.; Thaker, C.M.; Thampi, R.S.; Kuberkar, D.G.; Kulkarni, R.G.; Malik, S.K.; Structural investigations of La-2125 mixed oxide superconducting system (La0.786 Nd0.071 Ca0.143) (Ba1.428 La0.571) Cu3 O7.241 P4/MMM
1997 Boettger, G.; Schwer, H.; Kaldis, E.; Bente, K.; Ca doping of Y Ba2 Cu3 O(7-delta) single crystals: structural aspects Y0.906 Ca0.108 Ba1.986 Cu2.848 O6.7 P4/MMM
1997 Schwer, H.; Karpinski, J.; X-ray single crystal structure analysis of the Hg Ba2 Can-1 Cun O2n+2+d (n=1-5) homologous series (Hg0.62 Cu0.15) Ba2 Ca Cu2 O6.15 P4/MMM
1994 Kramer, M.J.; Yoo, S.I.; McCallum, R.W.; Yelon, W.B.; Xie, H.; Allenspach, P.; Hole filling, charge transfer and superconductivity in Nd1+x Ba2-x Cu3 O7+d Nd (Nd0.205 Ba0.795)2 Cu3 O7.12 P4/MMM
1994 Guillaume, M.; Allenspach, P.; Henggeler, W.; Mesot, J.; Roessli, B.; Staub, U.; Fischer, P.; Furrer, A.; Trunov, V.; A systematic low-temperature neutron diffraction study of the R Ba2 Cu3 Ox (R= yttrium, and rare earths; x= 6 and 7) compounds Tm Ba2 Cu3 O6.10 P4/MMM
1993 Goldschmidt, D.; Reisner, G.M.; Direktovich, Ya.; Knizhnik, A.; Gartstein, E.; Kimmel, G.; Eckstein, Y.; Tetragonal superconducting family (CaxLa1-x)(Ba1.75-xLa0.25+x )Cu3Oy: The effect of cosubstitution on the transition temperature (Ca0.4 La0.6) (Ba1.35 La0.65) Cu3 O7.01 P4/MMM
1993 Fun, H.-K.; Yip, B.-C.; Wang, A.; Chou, C.-H.; Lee, T.-J.; Single crystal structure determination of Y Ba2 Cu3-x Fex O7-y Y Ba2 Cu (Cu1.8 Fe0.2) O6.98 P4/MMM
1993 Usov, O.A.; Kartenko, N.F.; Rozhdestvenskaya, I.V.; Sapozhnikova, L.S.; Crystal structure of europium barium copper aluminium oxide Eu Ba2 Cu2.65 Al0.35 O6.8 P4/MMM
1991 Amador, U.; Senaris, M.A.; Moran, E.; Alario-Franco, M.A.; Vegas, A.; Martinez-Ripoll, M.; Ibanez, J.; (CaBaLa)3(Cu3-yMy)O7-x (M=Al, Pt) single crystals (Ca0.49 Ba La1.51) Cu2.80 Pt0.20 O6.48 P4/MMM
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