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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Jauch, W.; Reehuis, M.; Schultz, A.J.; Gamma-ray and neutron diffraction studies of Co F2: magnetostriction, electron density and magnetic moments Co F2 P42/MNM
2003 Okrusch, M.; Hock, R.; Schuessler, U.; Brummer, A.; Baier, M.; Theisinger, H.; Intergrown niobian rutile phases with Sc- and W-rich ferrocolumbite: an electron-microprobe and Rietveld study (Ti0.952 Nb0.048) O2 P42/MNM Rutile, niobian
2001 Kirfel, A.; Krane, H.-G.; Blaha, P.; Schwarz, K.; Lippmann, T.; Electron density distribution in stishovite, Si O2: a new high-energy synchrotron-radiation study Si O2 P42/MNM Stishovite
2000 Hirata, T.; Oxygen position, octahedral distortion, and bond-valence parameter from bond lengths in Ti1-x Snx O2 (0 (Ti0.6 Sn0.4) O2 P42/MNM
1993 Hansen, S.; Stahl, K.; Nilsson, R.; Andersson, A.; The crystal structure of Sb0.92V0.92O4, determined by neutron and dual wavelength X-ray powder diffraction (Sb0.917 V0.917) O4 P42/MNM
1993 Chelikowsky, J.R.; Binggeli, N.; Keskar, N.R.; First principles methods for structural trends in oxides: applications to crystalline silica Si O2 P42/MNM Stishovite
1992 Kutoglu, A.; The rutile structure of Al1-x()xO1-3xF1+3x, x=0.0886 Al0.9114 O0.7342 F1.2658 P42/MNM
1992 Tena, M.A.; Escribano, P.; Monros, G.; Carda, J.; Alarcon, J.; Influence of niobate structures on the formation of rutile solid solutions (MIII NbO4 - TiO2, where MIII=Al,Fe,Cr) Ti.4 Al.3 Nb.3 O2 P42/MNM
1992 Bayi, F.; Pourroy, G.; Poix, P.; Derory, A.; Phase transition orthorhombic <-> rutile in the oxyfluoride phases Ax Fex Ni1-x O4x F2(1-x) (A= Nb5+, Ta5+, and x>0.3). Influence on the magnetic properties Fe Ta O4 P42/MNM
1991 Sugiyama, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; The crystal structure of rutile as a function of temperature up to 1600 degrees C Ti O2 P42/MNM Rutile
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