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2003 Magrez, A.; Morniroli, J.P.; Caldes, M.T.; Marie, A.M.; Joubert, O.; Brohan, L.; Using CBED and crystallographic image processing to evidence a structural distortion in a new family of ionic conductor Sr1-x La1+x Al1-x Mgx O4 (0 <= x <= 0.7) (Sr0.3 La1.7) (Al0.3 Mg0.7) O4 I4/MMM
2003 Jennings, A.J.; Skinner, S.J.; Helgason, O.; Structural properties of Lax Sr2-x Fe O4+d at high temperature and under reducing conditions (La0.45 Sr0.55)2 Fe O4 I4/MMM
2003 Gavrilova, L.Ya.; Aksenova, T.V.; Bannykh, L.A.; Teslenko, Ya.V.; Cherepanov, V.A.; Phase equilibria and crystal structure of complex oxide in the La - Sr - Co - Ni - O system (La0.9 Sr0.1)2 ((Co0.2 Ni0.8) O4) I4/MMM
2002 Gavrilova, L.Ya.; Teslenko, Ya.V.; Bannikch, L.A.; Aksenova, T.V.; Cherepanov, V.A.; The crystal structure and homogeneity range of the solid solutions in La - Sr - Co - Ni - O system (La0.9 Sr0.1)2 (Co0.3 Ni0.7) O4 I4/MMM
2001 Bertheville, B.; Herrmannsdoerfer, T.; Yvon, K.; Structure data for K2 Mg H4 and Rb2 Ca H4 and comparison with hydride and fluoride analogues Rb2 (Ca D4) I4/MMM
2001 Magrez, A.; Cochet, M.; Joubert, O.; Louarn, G.; Ganne, M.; Chauvet, O.; High internal stresses in Sr1-x La1+x Al1-x Mgx O4 solid solution (0 <= x <= 0.7) characterized by infrared and Raman spectroscopies coupled with crystal structure refinement (Sr0.6 La1.4) (Al0.6 Mg0.4) O4 I4/MMM
2001 Voronin, V.I.; Berger, I.F.; Goshchitskii, B.N.; Kar'kin, A.E.; Kozhevnikov, V.L.; Mitberg, E.B.; Crystal structure and valence state of cations in the Sr2 Ru O4 lattice in a wide temperature range Sr2 (Ru O4) I4/MMM
2000 Wang, F.Z.; Wu, X.S.; Jiang, S.S.; Microstructure of Zn, Ni, Mg doped La1.85 Sr0.15 Cu O4 in high doping level (La1.85 Sr0.15) (Cu0.9 Zn0.1) O4 I4/MMM
1999 Ferretti, M.; Magnone, E.; Napoletano, M.; Structural properties and chemical homogeneity of underdoped La2-x Mx Cu O4 cuprates (M = Sr, Ba) (La1.87 Ba0.13) Cu O4 I4/MMM
1999 Millburn, J.E.; Green, M.A.; Neumann, D.A.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; Evolution of the structure of the K2 Ni F4 phases La2-x Srx Ni O4+d with oxidation state: octahedral distortion and phase separation (0.2 < x < 1.0) La Sr Ni O3.914 I4/MMM
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