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2003 Thauern, H.; Glaum, R.; Beitraege zur Kristallchemie und zum thermischen Verhalten von wasserfreien Phosphaten. XXXIII. In2 P2 O7, ein Indium(I)-diphosphato-indat(III) und In4 (P2 O7)3 - Darstellung, Kristallisation und Kristallstrukturen In2 (P2 O7) P121/C1
2003 Troyanov, S.I.; Kosterina, E.V.; Loose, A.; Reehuis, M.; Kemnitz, E.; Single crystal neutron diffraction study of the phase transition in (N H4) H5 (P O4)2 (N H4) (H2 P O4) (H3 P O4) P121/C1
2002 Aitken, J.A.; Evain, M.; Iordanidis, L.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Na Ce P2 Se6, Cu0.4 Ce1.2 P2 Se6, Ce4 (P2 Se6)3, and the incommensurately modulated Ag Ce P2 Se6: new selenophosphates featuring the ethane-like (P2 Se6)(4-) anion (Cu0.4 Ce0.2) Ce (P2 Se6) P121/C1
2002 Anokhina, E.V.; Day, C.S.; Meyer, H.-J.; Stroebele, M.; Kauzlarich, S.M.; Kim, H.; Whangbo, M.-H.; Lachgar, A.; Preparation ,structure and properties of a series of anisotropic oxychloride cluster compounds Ax Nb6 Cl12 O2 (A = K, Rb, Cs or In) Cs0.94 (Nb6 O2 Cl12) P121/N1
2002 Hitchman, M.A.; Yablokov, Yu.V.; Petrashen, V.E.; Augustyniak-Jublokov, M.A.; Stratemeier, H.; Riley, M.J.; Lukaszewicz, K.; Tomaszewski, P.E.; Pietraszko, A.; Dynamic behavior of the Jahn-Teller distorted (Cu (H2 O)6)(2+) ion in Cu(2+)-doped Cs2 (Zn (H2 O)6) (Zr F6)2 and the crystal structure of the host lattice Cs2 (Zn (H2 O)6) (Zr F6)2 P121/N1
1996 Werner, C.; Troyanov, S.I.; Kemnitz, E.; Worzala, H.; Synthese und Struktur von Hydrogensulfaten des Typs M (H S O4) (H2 S O4) (M = Rb, Cs und N H4) (Rb (H S O4)) (H2 S O4) P121/C1
1996 Petersen, J.; Lork, E.; Mews, R.; Synthesis and structure of the adduct Cl3 As O . As F5 Cl3 As O As F5 P121/C1
1995 Elmarzouki, A.; Boukhari, A.; Holt, E.M.; Berrada, A.; Structural order in complexes of the A(II) B(II) P2 O7 series: Ba Pb P2 O7, Pb Co P2 O7, Pb Mn P2 O7 and Pb Cu P2 O7 Pb Co (P2 O7) P121/N1
1994 Alkemper, J.; Paulus, H.; Fuess, H.; Crystal structure of aluminium sodium pyrophosphate, NaAlP2O7 Na Al (P2 O7) P121/C1
1993 Bukvetskii, B.V.; Gerasimenko, A.V.; Davidovich, R.L.; Kaidalova, T.A.; Teplukhina, L.V.; Crystal structure of potassium zinc hexafluorozirconate hexahydrate K2 Zn (Zr F6)2 (H2 O)6 P1121/B
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