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2001 Andreev, G.B.; Antipin, M.Yu.; Fedoseev, A.M.; Budantseva, N.A.; Synthesis and crystal structure of bis(urea) chromatoneptunyl Np O2 Cr O4 * 2(O C (N H2)2) ((Np O2) (Cr O4)) (C O (N H2)2)2 P121/N1
2000 Belaaouad, S.; Sbai, K.; Kenz, A.; Pierrot, M.; Chemical preparation, thermal behaviour and crystal structure of ammonium barium cyclotriphosphate dihydrate Ba (N H4) (P3 O9) (H2 O)2 P121/N1
1996 Roussel, P.; Labbe, Ph.; Groult, D.; Domenges, B.; Leligny, H.; Grebille, D.; Structural study of P4 W14 O50, a new odd member in the series (P O2)4 (W O3)2m (P O2)4 (W O3)14 P121/N1
1988 Mueller, U.; Conradi, E.; Patt-Siebel, U.; Kersting, M.; Schmidt, I.; Khabou, A.; Dehnicke, K.; Spektroskopische und kristallographische Charakterisierung von (Cl3 P N P Cl3) (Mo O Cl4) und die Kristallstruktur von (Cl3 P N P Cl3) (Mo Cl6) ((Cl3 P)2 N) (Mo Cl6) P121/C1
1987 Obanesyan, S.M.; Iskhakova, L.D.; Trunov, V.K.; The preparation and crystal structure of the compounds Cs Ln (Se O4)2 (H2 O)4 Cs Nd (Se O4)2 (H2 O)4 P121/C1
1983 Toivonen, J.; Niinisto, L.; Uranyl(VI) Compounds. 3. Crystal Structures of Two Forms of Bis(urea) dioxouranium(VI) Sulfate U O2 S O4 (C O (N H2)2)2 P121/C1
1980 Foss, O.; Janickis, V.; Crystal structure of gamma-monoclinic Selenium Se8 P121/C1
1979 Soldatov, E.A.; Kuz'min, E.A.; Ilyukhin, V.V.; Crystal structure of N H4 In (Se O4)2 (H2 O)4 N H4 In (Se O4)2 (H2 O)4 P1121/B
1975 Saf'yanov, Yu.N.; Kuz'min, E.A.; Iskhakova, L.D.; Ilyukhin, V.V.; Belov, N.V.; Crystal structure of Cs2 S O4 La2 (S O4)3 (H2 O)8 Cs2 S O4 La2 (S O4)3 (H2 O)8 P1121/B
1974 Ruben, H.; Zalkin, A.; Faltens, M.O.; Templeton, D.H.; Crystal structure of sodium gold(I) thiosulfate dihydrate, Na3 Au (S2 O3)2 (H2 O)2 Na3 Au (S2 O3)2 (H2 O)2 P121/A1
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