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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2002 Effenberger, H.; Paar, W.H.; Topa, D.; Criddle, A.J.; Fleck, M.; The new mineral baumstarkite and a structural reinvestigation of aramayoite and miargyrite Ag Sb S2 C12/C1 Miargyrite
2000 Kunz, M.; Arlt, T.; Stolz, J.; In situ powder diffraction study of titanite (Ca Ti O Si O4) at high pressure and high temperature Ca (Ti O) (Si O4) A12/A1 Titanite
1998 Arlt, T.; Armbruster, T.; Ulmer, P.; Peters, T.; Mn Si2 O5 with the titanite structure: a new high-pressure phase in the Mn O - Si O2 binary Mn Si O (Si O4) C12/C1
1997 Kunz, M.; Xirouchakis, D.; Wang, Y.-B.; Parise, J.B.; Lindsley, D.H.; Structural investigations along the join Ca Ti O Si O4 - Ca Sn O SiO4 Ca (Ti0.2 Sn0.8) O (Si O4) A12/A1
1994 Valkonen, J.; Cadmium diselenite and cadmium hydrogenselenite selenite Cd (Se2 O5) C12/C1
1985 Sunshine, S.A.; Ibers, J.A.; Structure and physical properties of the new layered ternary chalcogenides Ta2 Ni S5 and Ta2 Ni Se5 Ta2 Ni Se5 C12/C1
1982 Hong, S.H.; Asbrink, S.; The structure of the high-temperature modification of V3 O5 at 458 K V3 O5 I12/C1
1981 Drofenik, M.; Golic, L.; Hanzel, D.; Krasevec, V.; Prodan, A.; Bakker, M.; Kolar, D.; A new monoclinic phase in the Fe2 O3 - Ti O2 System. I. Structure determination and moessbauer spectroscopy Fe2 Ti O5 C12/C1
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