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2001 Kortz, U.; Al-Kassem, N.K.; Savelieff, M.G.; Al Kadi, N.A.; Sadakane, M.; Synthesis and characterization of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt-substituted, dimeric heteropolyanions, ((alpha-X W9 O33)2 M3 (H2 O)3)(n-) (n=12,X=As(III),Sb(III),M=Cu(2+),Zn(2+); n=10,X=Se(IV), Te(IV),M=Cu(2+)) Na12 (Sb2 W18 Cu3 O66 (H2 O)3) (H2 O)46 C12/C1
2001 Son, J.-H.; Kwon, Y.-U.; Single crystal structure of pure inorganic nanocomposite (Ga O4 Al12 (O H)24 (H2 O)12) (Al (O H)6 Mo6 O18)2 (O H) * 30(H2 O) (Ga O4 Al12 (O H)24 (H2 O)12) (Al (O H)6 Mo6 O18)2 (O H) (H2 O)30.165 C12/C1
1999 Wickleder, M.S.; Li La2 F3 (S O4)2 und Li Er2 F3 (S O4)2: Fluoridsulfate der Selten-Erd-Elemente mit Lithium Li La2 F3 (S O4)2 I12/A1
1991 Eisenmann, B.; Hofmann, A.; Crystal structure of potassium phyllo-dithioindate(III) K (In S2) C12/C1
1990 Noda, Y.; Kasatani, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Terauchi, H.; Gesi, K.; Structure analysis of K3D(SO4)2 at room temperature K3 D (S O4)2 A12/A1
1989 Jentsch, D.; Jones, P.G.; Thoene, C.; Schwarzmann, E.; Insertion of carbon disulphide into a metal-chlorine bond; X-ray structure of Au Cl2 (hapto2-S2 C Cl) (Au Cl2 (S2 C Cl)) C12/C1
1988 Aoyama, T.; Ohba, S.; Saito, Y.; Structures of cadmium magnesium tetranitrite dihydrate, cadmiun calcium tetranitrite tetrahydrate and cadmium strontium tetranitrite tetrahydrate. Cd Mg (N O2)4 (H2 O)2 C12/C1
1986 Scholz, U.D.; Jeitschko, W.; Synthesis, Properties and Crystal Structure of Ti Mn2 P12 Ti Mn2 P12 C12/C1
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