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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Maehlen, J.P.; Yartys', V.A.; Hauback, B.C.; Structural studies of deuterides of yttrium carbide Y2 C D2 P3-M1
2003 Maehlen, J.P.; Yartys', V.A.; Hauback, B.C.; Structural studies of the deuterides of carbon containing yttrium alloys Y2 C D2.0 P3-M1
2001 Kim, J.; Hughbanks, T.; Direct and indirect preparation of layered quaternary manganese tellurides; A Mnx My Te2 (A = Li, Na; M = Cu, Ag; x+y<=2) Na Mn0.97 Ag0.13 Te2 P3-M1
2001 Schleid, T.; Klein, E.K.; Nd2 S2 Te: Neodymium(III) sulfide telluride with (Ce2 O2 S)-type crystal structure Nd2 S2 Te P3-M1
2000 Johrendt, D.; Kranenberg, C.; Mewis, A.; Poettgen, R.; Kotzyba, G.; Rosenhahn, C.; Mosel, B.D.; Structure and properties of the compounds Ln Al2 X2 (Ln= Eu, Yb; X= Si, Ge) Yb Al2 Ge2 P3-M1
1996 Artmann, A.; Mewis, A.; Roepke, M.; Michels, G.; A M2 X2-Verbindungen mit Ca Al2 Si2-Struktur. XI: Struktur und Eigenschaften der Verbindungen A Cd2 X2 (A: Eu, Yb; X: P, As Sb) Yb Cd2 Sb2 P3-M1
1994 Kadir, K.; Noreus, D.; Ba3 Ir2 H12, a new ternary hydride containing octahedral (Ir H6)3- complex anions Ba3 (Ir D6)2 P3-M1
1993 Blackburn, A.C.; Gerkin, R.E.; Structure of hexaaquacobalt(II) perbromate (Co (H2 O)6) (Br O4)2 P3-M1
1982 Nesper, R.; von Schnering, H.G.; Curda, J.; Gd Al2 Si2, ein unerwartete Verbindung im Ca Al2 Si2-Typ Gd Al2 Si2 P3-M1
1978 Mewis, A.; A B2 X2-Verbindungen im Ca Al2 Si2-Typ, V. Zur Struktur der Verbindungen Ca Mn2 P2, Ca Mn2 As2, Sr Mn2 P2 und Sr Mn2 As2 Ca Mn2 As2 P3-M1
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