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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Zhang, F.X.; Xu, F.F.; Mori, T.; Liu, Q.L.; Tanaka, T.; Novel rare-earth borosilicide RE1-x B12 Si3.3-d (RE = Y, Gd - Lu) (0 <= x <= 0.5, d = 0.3): synthesis, crystal growth, structure analysis and properties Tb0.68 B12 Si3.14 R3-MH
1999 Putz, H.; Schoen, J.C.; Jansen, M.; Structure prediction for crystalline Ca3 Si Br2 using an environment dependent potential Ca3 Si Br2 R3-MR
1997 Marx, R.; Preparation and crystal structure of lithium nitride chloride Li4 N Cl Li4 N Cl R3-MH
1996 Yelon, W.B.; Hu, Z.; Chang, W.C.; Lu, S.L.; Neutron diffraction structural analysis of Y2 Fe15 T2 C (T = Al, Ga, Si) alloys Y2 Fe15.02 Si1.98 C1.116 R3-MH
1995 Gou, C.; Chen, D.-F.; Yan, Q.W.; Zhang, P.-L.; Shen, B.-G.; Cheng, Z.-H.; Powder neutron diffraction studies of the crystallographic and magnetic structures of Ho2 Fe17-x Alx C (x=4 and 7) Ho2 Fe9.88 Al7.12 C0.99 R3-MH
1995 Kajitani, T.; Morii, Y.; Iriyama, T.; Kato, H.; Neutron diffraction study on Y2 Fe17 and Y2 Fe17 Nx (x=2.1-2.6) Y2 Fe17 N2.4 R3-MH
1995 Asbrand, M.; Eisenmann, B.; Klein, J.; Arsenidostannate mit Arsen-analogen (Sn As) - Schichten: Darstellung und Struktur von Na (Sn2 As2), Na0.3 Ca0.7 (Sn2 As2), Na0.4 Sr0.6 (Sn2 As2), Na0.6 Ba0.4 (Sn2 As2) und K0.3 Sr0.7 (Sn2 As2) Sr (Sn2 As2) R3-MH
1995 Frenzen, S.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Ueber einen 9 L-Perowskit der Zusammensetzung Ba9 Ru3.2 Mn5.8 O27 Ba9 (Ru3.2 Mn5.8) O27 R3-MH
1988 Fuketa, T.; Akaishi, J.; Futamura, Y.; Ikawa, K.; Kawamura, H.; Makuuchi, K.; Shikazono, N.; Tachikawa, E.; Yamamoto, A.; Study on the solid state chemistry of ternary uranium oxides Cd (U O4) R3-MR
1987 Siegrist, T.; le Page, Y.; Crystal chemistry of some Th2 Zn17-type rare-earth-zinc phases Pr2 Zn17 R3-MH
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