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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2002 Chen, X.; Fukuoka, H.; Yamanaka, S.; High-pressure synthesis and crystal structure of beta-MNX (M = Zr, Hf; X = Br, I) Hf N I R3-MH
2001 Zuercher, F.; Wengert, S.; Nesper, R.; Crystal structure of barium dimagnesium dilithium disilicide Ba Mg2 Li2 Si2 and barium dimagnesium dilithium digermanide Ba Mg2 Li2 Ge2. Ba Mg2 Li2 Si2 R3-MH
2001 Ospina, I.D.; Palacio, L.A.; Echavarria, A.; Simon, A.; Saldarriaga, C.; A zinc chromate of type PhiY: synthesis and structure ((N H4) (O H))1.46 (Zn (Cr O4))2 R3-MH
2000 Weller, M.T.; Skinner, S.J.; Neutron and X-ray powder diffraction studies of the oxynitrides Sr W (O, N)3, Ba3 W2 (O, N)8 and Ba3 Mo2 (O, N)8 Ba3 W2 O6.27 N1.73 R3-MH
2000 Weller, M.T.; Skinner, S.J.; Neutron and X-ray powder diffraction studies of the oxynitrides Sr W (O, N)3, Ba3 W2 (O, N)8 and Ba3 Mo2 (O, N)8 Ba3 Mo2 O6.04 N1.96 R3-MH
1999 Moriga, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Sato, Y.; Haris, A.H.K.; Suenari, R.; Nakabayashi, I.; Crystal structure and electrical and optical properties of Mg In(2-x) Ga(x) O4 solid solutions In (Ga Mg) O4 R3-MH
1999 Fuertes, A.; Vlassov, M.; Beltran-Porter, D.; Alemany, P.; Canadell, E.; Casan-Pastor, N.; Palacin, M.R.; Crystal structure of the host lattices of the superconductors Lix M N X (M = Zr, Hf; X = Cl, Br) Hf N Cl R3-MH
1999 Shamoto, S.; Iizawa, K.; Yamada, M.; Ohoyama, K.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Kajitani, T.; Structural study on novel two-dimensional superconductor Nax Hf N Cl Na0.288 Hf N Cl R3-MH
1993 Ruck, M.; Simon, A.; Gd2IFe2 und Y2Br2Fe2+x: Uebergaenge zwischen Clusterverbindungen und intermetallischen Phasen Y2 Fe2.23 Br2 R3-MH
1992 Matsumoto, T.; Mori, N.; Iida, J.; Tanaka, M.; Siratori, K.; Izumi, F.; Asano, H.; Crystal structures of the two dimensional antiferromagnets RFe2O4 (R = Y, Er) and their magnetic properties under pressure Er Fe2 O4 R3-MH
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