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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
1998 Antonov, V.E.; Cornell, K.; Fedotov, V.K.; Kolesnikov, A.I.; Ponyatovsky, E.G.; Shiryaev, V.I.; Wipf, H.; Neutron diffraction investigation of the dhcp and hcp iron hydrides and deuterides Fe H1.0 P63/MMC
1995 Swainson, I.P.; Dove, M.T.; Harris, M.J.; Neutron powder diffraction study of the ferroelastic phase transition and lattice melting in sodium carbonate, Na2 C O3 Na2 (C O3) P63/MMC
1994 le Clanche, M.C.; Deputier, S.; Jegaden, J.C.; Guerin, R.; Ballini, Y.; Guivarc'h, A.; Solid state phase equilibria in the Ni-Ga-Sb system: experimental and calculated determinations (Ga Sb) Ni3 P63/MMC
1991 Yang, F.; Kuang, J.P.; Li, J.; Brueck, E.; Nakotte, H.; de Boer, F.R.; Wu, X.; Li, Z.; Wang, Y.; Magnetic properties of Ce Cu X compounds Ce Cu Sn P63/MMC
1990 Johrendt, D.; Mewis, A.; Darstellung und Kristallstruktur der Verbindungen SE Pd P (SE = Seltenerdelement) Nd Pd P P63/MMC
1987 Naruse, H.; Tanaka, K.; Morikawa, H.; Marumo, F.; Mehrotra, B.N.; Structure of Na2 S O4 at 693 K Na2 (S O4) P63/MMC Metathenardite
1987 Iandelli, A.; The structue of some ternary phases of calcium Ca (Au P) P63/MMC
1987 Iandelli, A.; The structue of some ternary phases of calcium Ca Zn Ge P63/MMC
1986 Ellner, M.; El Boragy, M.; Einfluss der Valenzelektronenkonzentration auf die Bildung der Phasen vom Ni2In-Strukturtyp am Beispiel der ternaeren Verbindungen Mn Ga As (2/0.5/0.5) (m) Fe3 Ga As und Co Ga As (2/0.5/0.5) Fe3.26 Ga As P63/MMC
1983 Reimers, W.; Hellner, E.; Treutmann, W.; Brown, P.J.; Polarized neutron diffraction study of Mn1.09 Sb Mn1.09 Sb P63/MMC
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