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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Kadyrova, N.I.; Tyutyunnik, A.P.; Zubkov, V.G.; Zakharova, G.S.; Volkov, V.L.; D'yachkova, T.V.; Zainulin, Yu.G.; Thermobaric synthesis and crystal structure of new compounds, Na Cu3 V4 O12 and Ca Cu3 V4 O12 Ca Cu3 (V O3)4 IM3-
2003 Berardan, D.; Godart, C.; Alleno, E.; Leroy, E.; Rogl, P.; Existence, structure and valence properties of the skutterudites Cey Fe4-x Cox Sb12 Ce0.02 Co4 Sb11.81 IM3-
2003 Bertini, L.; Stiewe, C.; Toprak, M.; Williams, S.; Platzek, D.; Mrotzek, A.; Zhang Yu; Gatti, C.; Mueller, E.; Muhammed, M.; Rowe, M.; Nanostructured Co1-x Nix Sb3 skutterudites: synthesis, thermoelectric properties and theoretical modelling (Co0.75 Ni0.25) Sb3 IM3-
2003 Sanchez-Benitez, JJ.; Alonso, J.A.; Martinez-Lope, M.J.; Casais, M.T.; Martinez, J.L.; de Andres, A.; Fernandez-Diaz, M.T.; Preparation, crystal and magnetic structure and magnetotransport properties of the double perovskite Ca Cu2.5 Mn4.5 O12 Ca (Cu2.42 Mn0.58) Mn4 O12 IM3-
1999 Chakoumakos, B.C.; Sales, B.C.; Mandrus, D.; Keppens, V.; Disparate atomic displacements in skutterudite-type La Fe3 Co Sb12, a model for thermoelectric behavior Co1.26 Fe2.74 La0.743 Sb12 IM3-
1995 Evers, C.B.H.; Jeitschko, W.; Boonk, L.; Braun, D.J.; Ebel, T.; Scholz, U.D.; Rare earth and uranium transition metal pnictides with La Fe4 P12 structure Nd (Os4 Sb12) IM3-
1993 Sato, M.; Hama, Y.; Structure of new perovskite-related compounds, LiCuM3O9 (M=Nb, Ta) (Li1.333 Cu1.333) Ta4 O12 IM3-
1986 Muller, J.; Haouzi, A.; Laviron, C.; Labeau, M.; Joubert, J.C.; Conductivie electrique et caracterisation cristallographique des composes type perovskite Nd Cu3 Rux Ti4-x O12 (1 Nd Cu3 Ru4 O12 IM3-
1974 Kjekshus, A.; Rakke, T.; Compounds with the skutterudite type crystal structure.III. structural data for arsenides and antimonides Co As3 IM3- Skutterudite
1967 Christensen, A.N.; Broch, N.C.; von Heidenstamm, O.; Nilsson, A.; Hydrothermal Investigation of the Systems In2 O3 - H2 O - Na2 O and In2 O3 - D2 O - Na2 O. The Crystal Structure of Rhombohedral In2 O3 and of In (O H)3 In (O H)3 IM3- Dzhalindite
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