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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
1990 Golubev, A.M.; Ivanov-Shits, A.K.; Simonov, V.I.; Sobolev, B.P.; Sorokina, N.I.; Fedorov, P.P.; A structural model for fluoride ionic transport in Ba1-xHoxF2+x solid solutions (x>0.1) (Ba0.8 Ho0.2) F2.2 FM3-M
1989 Aleksandrov, V.B.; Otroshchenko, L.P.; Fykin, L.E.; Bydanov, N.N.; Sobolev, B.P.; Features of defect structure of Ce F3-saturated fluorite solid solution Ba.5 Ce.5 F2.5 according to results of a neutron-diffraction investigation of the single crystals Ba0.73 Pr0.27 F2.27 FM3-M
1986 Laval, J.P.; Mikou, A.; Frit, B.; Pannetier, J.; Neutron diffraction study of the anion-excess fluoriterelated Ca1-x Thx F2+2x solid solution Ca.82 Th.18 F2.36 FM3-M
1984 Laval, J.P.; Depierrefixe, C.; Frit, B.; Roult, G.; Etude par diffractions X et neutronique en Temps de voi de la solution solide de type fluorine excedentaire en anions Pb1-xZrxF2+2x (O < x >.18) Pb.833 Zr.167 F2.334 FM3-M
1955 Hund, F.; Peetz, U.; Kottenhahn, G.; Das System Yttriumoxyd - Uranoxyd Y1.4 U2.6 O9.03 FM3-M
1953 Ruedorff, W.; Valet, G.; Ueber das Ceruranblau und Mischkristalle im System Ce O2 - U O2 - U3 O8 Ce.80 U.20 O2.13 FM3-M
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