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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 O'Neill, H.S.C.; Redfern, S.A.T.; Kesson, S.E.; Short, S.; An in situ neutron diffraction study of cation disordering in synthetic qandilite Mg2 Ti O4 at high temperatures Mg2 (Ti O4) FD3-MZ Qandilite
1999 Wolska, E.; Wolski, W.; Piszora, P.; Pietrusik, M.; Subrt, J.; Grygar, T.; Nejezchleba, M.; X-ray powder diffraction and Mossbauer studies on the formation of (Cd0.5 Ni0.5 Fe2 O4)/(Zn0.5 Ni0.5 Fe2 O4) spinel solid solutions (Cd0.2 Zn0.3 Fe0.5) (Ni0.5 Fe1.5) O4 FD3-MS Cd-Zn-Ni ferrite
1997 Lucchesi, S.; Russo, U.; della Giusta, A.; Crystal chemistry and cation distribution in some Mn-rich natural and synthetic spinels (Mg.026 Mn.397 Fe.571 Zn.006) (Mg.449 Ti.002 Mn.049 Fe1.497) O4 FD3-MZ Jacobsite, magnesian
1996 Berand, N.; Haeuseler, H.; Range, K.-J.; Hochdruckreaktionen quaternaerer Chalkogenide mit Schichtstruktur Mn1.06 In1.94 S1.6 Se2.4 FD3-MZ
1992 O'Neill, H.S.C.; Annersten, H.; Virgo, D.; The temperature dependence of the cation distribution in magnesioferrite (MgFe2O4) from powder XRD structural refinements and Moessbauer spectroscopy Mg Fe2 O4 FD3-MZ Magnesioferrite
1992 Krezhov, K.; Konstantinov, P.; On the cationic distribution in MgxCo3-xO4 spinels (Mg0.22 Co0.78) (Mg0.46 Co1.54) O4 FD3-MS
1992 Roelofsen, J.N.; Peterson, R.C.; Raudsepp, M.; Structural variation in nickel aluminate spinel (NiAl2O4) (Ni0.207 Al0.793) (Al1.207 Ni0.793) O4 FD3-MZ
1990 Hirota, K.; Inoue, T.; Mochida, N.; Ohtsuka, A.; Study of Germanium spinels (Part 3) (Ni0.15 Al0.85) (Ni0.85 Al1.15) O4 FD3-MS
1989 Petrov, K.; Krezhov, K.; Konstantinov, P.; Neutron Diffraction Study Of The Cationic Distribution In Cux Co3-x O4 (0 Cu.75 Co2.25 O4 FD3-MS
1985 Arean, C.O.; Trobajo-Fernandez, M.C.; Cation distribution in Mgx Ni1-x Ga2 O4 Oxide Spinels Mg.2 Ni.8 Ga2 O4 FD3-MS Spinel
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