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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Morozkin, A.V.; Seropegin, Yu.D.; Sm - Ru - Ge system at 1070 K Sm Ru1.54 Ge0.46 FD3-MS
1992 Khan, H.R.; Loebich, O.; Formation of the Laves phases in Co/Fe-V-Zr and their magnetic and superconducting properties (Co0.88 V0.12)2 Zr FD3-MS
1990 Pokatilov, V.; Golikova, V.; Hyperfine fields and magnetic moments in Laves compounds (Sc1-x Ax) Fe2 (A= Y, Zr) with cubic structure Fe2 Sc FD3-MS
1985 Iandelli, A.; Olcese, G.L.; Structural and magnetic investigations on some R Al2 - M Al2 Laves phase systems Al2 (La0.5 Lu0.5) FD3-MS
1985 Wire, M.S.; Stewart, G.R.; Roof, R.B.jr.; Properties of some pseudobinary alloys based on U Al2 Al2 (La0.25 U0.75) FD3-MS
1985 Iandelli, A.; Olcese, G.L.; Structural and magnetic investigations on some R Al2 - M Al2 Laves phase systems Al2 (Lu0.5 Yb0.5) FD3-MS
1985 Shimotamai, M.; Doyama, M.; Fujisawa, H.; Lattice parameter evidence of intermediate valence of Pr atoms in Laves phases Prx R1-x Fe2 (R= Sm, Tb and Y) (Ce Sm) Fe4 FD3-MS
1985 Tsvyashchenko, A.V.; Popova, S.V.; New phases melt quenched under high pressure in R-Fe systems (R= Pr, Sm, Dy, Tb, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) Fe2 Pr FD3-MS
1985 Fujii, H.; Okamoto, T.; Wallace, W.E.; Pourarian, F.; Morisaki, T.; Influence of hydrogen absorption on magnetic properties of Zr (Fe1-x Vx)2 ternaries (Fe0.25 V0.75)2 Zr FD3-MS
1983 Zarechnyuk, O.S.; Yanson, T.I.; Rykhal', R.M.; Ce-Ni-Al system in the range of 0-0.333 at. fraction of cerium (Al0.3 Ni1.7) Ce FD3-MS
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