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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Albe, K.; Weirich, T.E.; Structure and stability of alpha- and beta-(Ti2 Se). Electron diffraction versus density-functional theory calculations Ti2 Se PNMA
2002 Yang, H.F.; Rao, G.-H.; Chu, W.G.; Liu, G.Y.; Ouyang, Z.W.; Liang, J.K.; Crystal structure and phase relationships in the pseudobinary system (Pr5 Si4) - (Pr5 Ge4) Pr5 Ge4 PNMA
1999 Kaduk, J.A.; Wong-Ng, W.; Greenwood, W.; Dillingham, J.; Toby, B.H.; Crystal structures and reference powder patterns of Ba R2 Zn O5 (R = La, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Ho, Y, Er and Tm) Ba Sm2 Zn O5 PBNM
1998 Wong-Ng, W.; Toby, B.; Greenwood, W.; Crystallographic studies of Ba R2 Zn O5 (R = La, Nd, Dy, Ho, Er and Y) Ba Y2 Zn O5 PBNM
1997 Maggard, P.A.; Corbett, J.D.; Sc2 Te: A novel example of condensed metal polyhedra in a metal-rich but relatively electron-poor compound Sc2 Te PNMA
1995 Stepien-Damm, Yu.; Zaplatynsky, O.V.; Prots', Yu.M.; Salamakha, P.S.; Bodak, O.I.; Crystal structure of the compound Nd5 Ag0.5 Si3.5 Nd5 (Ag0.5 Si3.5) PNMA
1992 Jaeger, J.; Kniep, R.; Nitridocuprate(I): Quaternaere Phasen in den Systemen Li-Ca/Sr-Cu-N Sr (Li0.483 Cu0.517) N PNMA
1992 Givord, F.; Lejay, P.; Munoz, A.; Schweizer, J.; Magnetic structures of Ce-rich compounds Ce5 Sn3 and Ce5 Sn4 Ce5 Sn4 PNMA
1990 Eisenmann, B.; Klein, J.; Somer, M.; C O3(2-) - isostere Anionen in Cs5 Si P3, Cs5 Si As3, Cs5 Ge P3 und Cs5 Ge As3 Cs5 (Ge As3) PNMA
1981 Schmitz, D.; Vergleich der Kristallstrukturen von (N H4)3 Zn Cl5 und Ba3 Si S5 Ba3 Si S5 PNMA
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