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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2001 Wu, C.-D.; Lin, X.; Wu, D.-M.; Lu, C.-Z.; Zhuang, H.-H.; Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of trioxomolybdate: Na H3 O Mo3 O10 Na (H3 O) (Mo3 O10) PNMA
2000 Narducci, A.A.; Yang, Y.-T.; Digman, M.A.; Sipes, A.B.; Ibers, J.A.; An investigation of the rare-earth telluride system Ba Ln2 Te4 (Ln = Sm - Tm, Y): syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties Ba Tb2 Te4 PNMA
1996 Adam, S.; Ellern, A.M.; Seppelt, K.; Structural principles of the coordination number eight: (W F8)(2-), (Re F8)(2-), and (Xe F8)(2-) (N O)2 (W F8) PNMA
1995 Utzolino, A.; Bluhm, K.; Zur Synthese und Kristallstruktur von manganhaltigen Boratoxiden: Mn Fe (B O3) O und Mn Al0.5 Y0.5 (B O3) O Fe Mn (B O3) O PNMA
1993 Hessen, B.; Sunshine, S.A.; Siegrist, T.; van Dover, R.B.; A reduced neodymium titanate with a new intergrowth structure type Nd3 (Ti4 O12) PCMN
1990 Lalla, A.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Zur Atomverteilung in Ba2 Sr In2 O6 mit einem Beitrag zur Existenz des Calciumferrat(III)-Typs bei Oxoindaten Sr0.93 Ba0.07 In2 O4 PNMA
1990 Paashaus, S.; Kniep, R.; Gemischtvalente Telluridhalogenide des Aluminiums, Galliums und Indiums: Verbindungen E3 Te3 Hal auf Gehaltsschnitten E Te - E Te Hal Ga3 Te3 I PNMA
1980 Bedlivy, D.; Mereiter, K.; The Structures of Potassium Lead Triiodide Dihydrate and Ammonium Lead Triiodide Dihydrate K Pb I3 (H2 O)2 PNMA
1980 Chen, M.W.; Calabrese, J.C.; Gaines, D.F.; Hillenbrand, D.F.; Low-temperature crystal and molecular structure of tetracarbonyl (2-bromoheptahydrotriborato(1-)) manganese (C O)4 Mn B3 H7 Br and a 1H NMR study of the kinetics of its intramolecular hydrogen exchange in solution (C O)4 Mn B3 H7 Br PMCN
1978 Brovkin, A.A.; Polshin, E.V.; Brovkina, V.S.; Novoselov, Yu.M.; Cation distribution in the structure of warwickite Mg1.34 Fe0.16 Al0.12 Ti0.38 O B O3 from x-ray structural and Moessbauer spectroscopic analysis data Mg1.34 Fe0.16 Al0.12 Ti0.38 (B O3) O PNAM Warwickite
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