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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2001 Huang, F.Q.; Ibers, J.A.; Syntheses, structures and physical properties of the new quaternaryrare-earth chalcogenides Rb Nd2 Cu S4, Rb Sm2 Cu S4, Cs La2 Cu Se4, Cs Sm2 Cu Se4, Rb Er2 Cu3 S5, Cs Gd2 Ag3 Se5, Cs Tb2 Ag3 Se5 and Rb2 Gd4 Cu4 S9 Cs Gd2 Ag3 Se5 CMCM
1996 Berger, T.; Range, K.-J.; Zwei Metasilicate mit Vierer-einfach-Ketten: Hochdrucksynthese und Strukturverfeinerung von Sr2 (V O)2 Si4 O12 (Haradait) und Sr2 (Ti O)2 Si4 O12 Sr2 (Ti2 Si4 O14) CMCM
1994 Vente, J.F.; Helmholdt, R.B.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; The structure and magnetic properties of Pr3MO7 with M = Nb, Ta, and Sb Pr3 Sb O7 CMCM
1987 Coll, R.K.; Fergusson, J.E.; Penfold, B.R.; Rankin, D.A.; Robinson, W.T.; The Chloro and Bromo Complexes of Iridium(III) and Iridium (IV). III* The Crystal Structures of K3 (Ir Cl6) and Cs 2 (Ir Cl5 H2 O) and Interpretation of the N.Q.R. Data of Chloroiridates(III) Cs2 (Ir Cl5 (H2 O)) CMCM
1979 Waltersson, K.; Neutron and X-Ray diffraction structure determination of Cs2 (V O F4 (H2 O)), a compound previously assigned Cs2 V F6 composition Cs2 (V O F4 (H2 O)) CCMM
1971 Kawada, I.; Hellner, E.; Die Kristallstruktur der Pseudozelle (sub cell) von Andorit VI (Ramdohrit) Ag4 Pb4 Sb12 S24 BBMM Senandorite
1967 Takeuchi, Y.; Joswig, W.; The Structure of Haradaite and a Note on the Si-O Bond Lengths in Silicates Sr V Si2 O7 AMAM Haradaite
1958 Chodura, B.; Maly, J.; Contribution to the determination of the structure of U3 O8 U3 O8 CMCM
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