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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Delattre, J.L.; Stacy, A.M.; Synthesis and structure of Ba K Fe O3: a new quaternary oxide with 1-D ferrate chains Ba K (Fe O3) CMCA
2000 Wilhelm, H.; Cros, C.; Reny, E.; Demazeau, G.; Hanfland, M.; Pressure-induced structural phase transitions in Ln2-x Ndx Cu O4 for Ln = La (0.6 < x <2) and Ln = Pr (x=0) La Nd Cu O4 CMCA
1999 de Nadai, C.; Demourgues, A.; Gravereau, P.; Grannec, J.; Crystal structure of new palladium fluorides A2 Pd F6 and A A' Pd F6 (A(2+) = Ba(2+), Sr(2+), Pb(2+)) Ba2 Pd F6 CMCA
1998 Flandorfer, H.; Kaczorowski, D.; Groebner, J.; Rogl, P.; Wouters, R.; Godart, C.; Kostikas, A.; The systems Ce-Al-(Si,Ge): Phase equilibria and physical properties Ce2 Al3 Ge4 CMCA
1997 Bajan, B.; Meyer, H.-J.; Two-dimensional networks in the structure of Li2 (Nb6 Cl16) Li2 (Nb6 Cl16) CMCA
1996 Alberti, A.; Vezzalini, G.; Galli, E.; Quartieri, S.; The crystal structure of gottardiite, a new natural zeolite (Na2.5 K0.2 Mg3.1 Ca4.9) (Al20.4 Si115.6 O272) (H2 O)93 CMCA Gottardiite
1996 Peters, K.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Somer, M.; von Schnering, H.G.; Crystal structure of hexabarium di-mue-phosphidobis(diphosphidogallate(III)), Ba6 (Ga2 P6) Ba6 (P2 (Ga P2)2) CMCA
1995 Wada, H.; Amiel, O.; Sato, A.; Crystal structures and ionic conductivities of new silver hafnium sulfides Ag2 (Hf S3) CMCA
1994 Osterloh, D.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Ein Beitrag ueber die Kristallchemie von Ni3 As V O8 und Co3 As V O8 Ni3 (As V) O8 CMCA
1994 Zhang, J.; Corbett, J.D.; New cluster phases A(I)Zr6Cl14Mn and Zr6Cl14Fe: A second structure type with small cations Li Mn Zr6 Cl14 CMCA
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