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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Karen, P.; Effects of oxygen nonstoichiometry and of its distribution on Verwey-type transitions and structure of Gd Ba Fe2 O5+w Gd Ba Fe2 O4.999 PMMA
2002 Zubkova, N.V.; Pushcharovskii, D.Yu.; Giester, G.; Tillmanns, E.; Pekov, I.V.; Kleimenov, D.A.; The crystal structure of arsentsumebite, Pb2 Cu ((As,S) O4)2 (O H) Pb2 Cu (As O4) (S O4) (O H) P121/M1 Arsentsumebite
1998 Wevers, M.A.C.; Schoen, J.C.; Jansen, M.; Determination of structure candidates of simple crystalline A B2 systems Mg Cl2 PMMA
1996 Soehnel, T.; Reichelt, W.; Oppermann, H.; Mattausch, H.-J.; Simon, A.; Zum System Zn/Mo/O. I Phasenbestand und Eigenschaften der ternaeren Zinkmolybdate; Struktur von Zn3 Mo2 O9 Zn3 (Mo2 O9) P121/M1
1988 Kuz'ma, Yu.B.; Orishchin, S.V.; Lomnytska, Ya.F.; Hlowjak, T.; New niobium phosphide Nb2P and its crystal structure Nb2 P PMMA
1988 Schaffrath, U.; Steinmann, G.; Gruehn, R.; Zur Darstellung und Struktur von M1-LnTa3O9 (Ln= Pr, Nd). Roentgenographische und elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen Nd (Ta3 O9) P121/M1
1987 Stergiou, A.C.; Rentzeperis, P.J.; Sklavounos, S.; Refinement of the crystal structure of a medium iron epidote Ca2 Al2.4 Fe0.6 (Si O4)3 (O H) P121/M1 Epidote, ferrian
1985 Launay, J.M.; Bulou, A.; Hewat, A.W.; Gibaud, A.; Laval, J.Y.; Nouet, J.; Shear transformation in the layered compound K Al F4: low temperature phase structure and transformation mechanism K (Al F4) P121/M1
1983 Sokolova, G.V.; Kashaev, A.A.; Drits, V.A.; Ilyukhin, V.V.; The crystal structure of Fedorite (K1.65 Na0.83) (Ca4.52 Na2.48) Si16 O38 ((O H) F) H2 O C1- Fedorite
1976 Ohashi, Y.; Finger, L.W.; Stepwise cation ordering in bustamite and disordering in wollastonite (Ca0.36 Mn0.64) Si O3 I1- Bustamite
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