ICSD - popup window setting

June 2019
The free ILL's ISCD front end will not work properly if the pop-up window setting of your browser is not set properly.
Warning: the procedures below are indicative only since both browsers preferences and behaviors may change from one version to the other.

Apple Safari 12
Open page <http://icsd.ill.fr> Menu "Preferences"
Select "Websites" and "Pop-up Windows"
Select the URL <http://icsd.ill.fr> and click "allow"
Safari popup setting
Mozilla Firefox 67
Option 1
    Type <about:preferences#privacy>
Option 2
    Click the hamburger menu (top right) and select "Preferences"
    Click "Privacy & Security"
Go to "Permissions" and check "Block pop-up windows".
Click the "Exceptions..." button
Input the URL <http://icsd.ill.fr> and click the "Allow" button
Click "Save Changes"
Firefox popup setting
Google Chrome 74
Option 1
    Type <chrome://settings/content/popup>
Option 2
    Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (top right)
    Click "Settings".
    Click the "Advanced" tag at the very bottom of the window.
    in the "Privacy and Security" section, click the "Site settings" button.
In the "Pop-ups and redirects" section, select "Allow"
Add the site URL "icsd.ill.fr", then click "Add"
Chrome popup seting