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TitleQuaternary silicide carbides A T2 Si C (A = rare earth elements andactinoids, T = Mn, Re, Ru, Os) with Dy Fe2 Si C-type structure.
AuthorsHuefken, T.;Witte, A.M.;Jeitschko, W.
ReferenceIC&volume=142&fpage=279&details=yes target=icsd_help>Journal of Solid State Chemistry (1999) 142, 279-287
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Also: Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie (1997) 12, 128-128
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CompoundC1 Os2.04 Si0.96 Th1 - Thorium osmium silicide carbide (1/2.04/0.96/1) [] [oS20] [f c2 b] []
Cell3.9660(4), 11.159(3), 7.166(1), 90., 90., 90.
CMCM (63) V=317.14
RemarksR=0.013000 :
The coordinates are those given in the paper but the atomic distances do not agree with those calculated during testing.The coordinates are probably correct.
Cell of Sm Mn2 Si C: 3.790, 10.733, 7.086
Cell of Tm Mn2 Si C: 3.641, 10.624, 7.003
Cell of Th Mn2 Si C: 3.832, 10.921, 7.152
Cell of U Mn2 Si C: 3.656, 10.765, 6.998
Cell of Y Ru2 Si C: 3.775, 11.071, 7.133
Cell of Ce Ru2 Si C: 3.903, 11.081, 7.157
Cell of Sm Ru2 Si C: 3.847, 11.050, 7.170
Cell of Tm Ru2 Si C: 3.720, 11.096, 7.108
Cell of Y Mn2 Si C: 3.704, 10.660, 7.038

Atom (site) Oxid. x, y, z, B, Occupancy

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