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TitlePhase transition orthorhombic <-> rutile in the oxyfluoride phases Ax Fex Ni1-x O4x F2(1-x) (A= Nb5+, Ta5+, and x>0.3). Influence on the magnetic properties.
AuthorsBayi, F.;Pourroy, G.;Poix, P.;Derory, A.
ReferenceIC&volume=100&fpage=16&details=yes target=icsd_help>Journal of Solid State Chemistry (1992) 100, 16-23
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Also: Phase Transition (1992) 38, 127-220
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CompoundFe1 O4 Ta1 - Iron(III) tantalum oxide [AX2] [tP6] [f a] [TiO2(tP6)]
Cell4.682(5), 4.682, 3.048(5), 90., 90., 90.
P42/MNM (136) V=66.82
RemarksP =43-798 : T =TiO2(tP6) : X
No R value given in the paper.
At least one temperature factor missing in the paper.
Stable up to 1023 K (2nd ref. , Tomaszewski), above Pbcn
O-position from 9517, rutile-type

Atom (site) Oxid. x, y, z, B, Occupancy

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