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2001 Kyono, A.; Kimata, M.; The crystal structure of synthetic Tl Al Si3 O8: influence of the inert-pair effect of thallium on the feldspar structure Tl Al Si3 O8 C12/M1 Tl-feldspar
1997 Kato, K.; Kanke, Y.; Friese, K.; Kommensurable Kompositstruktur des beta-Yb V4 O8 Yb (V4 O8) P21/N11
1994 Anderson, P.A.; Armstrong, A.R.; Edwards, P.P.; Ionisierung und Elektronendelokalisierung in Kalium-Zeolith-L: eine kombinierte Neutronenbeugungs- und ESR-Studie K9.3 Al9.3 Si26.7 O72 P6/MMM Zeolite L, potassian
1986 Weber, H.-P.; Schultz, H.; Ionic conduction in one dimension: A structural study of the hollandite K1.54 Mg0.77 Ti7.23 O16 over the range 133 K1.54 (Mg.77 Ti7.23) O16 I4/M
1982 Harlow, G.E.; The anorthoclase structures: the effects of temperature and composition (Na0.75 K0.25) (Al Si3 O8) C1- Anorthoclase low
1979 Winter, J.K.; Okamura, F.P.; Ghose, S.; A high temperature structural study of high albite, monalbite, and the analbite-monalbite phase transition Na Al Si3 O8 C1- Albite high
1978 Keefer, K.D.; Brown, G.E.; Crystal structure and composition of Sanidine and High Albite in cryptoperthitic intergrowth K.65 Na.35 (Al Si3 O8) C12/M1 Sanidine
1971 van Laar, B.; Rietveld, H.M.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; Magnetic and crystallographic structure of Mex Nb S2 and Mex Ta S2 Mn0.25 Nb S2 P63/MMC
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