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1980 Sasaki, S.; Fujino, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Sadanaga, R.; On the Estimation of Atomic Charges by the X-Ray Method for some Oxides and Silicates Mg (Si O3) PBC Enstatite
1980 Merlino, S.; Crystal structure of Sapphirine -1Tc Al3.80 Mg3.15 Fe1.05 (Si1.75 Al4.25 O20) P1- Sapphirine 1A
1980 Guth, H.; Heger, G.; Klein, S.; Treutmann, W.; Scheringer, C.; Strukturverfeinerung von Harnstoff mit Neutronenbeugungsdaten bei 60, 123, 293 K und X-N- und X-X (1S2)-Synthesen bei etwa 100 K C O (N H2)2 P4- Urea
1979 Guimaraes, D.M.C.; Ferroelastic transformations in lead orthophosphate and its structure as a function of temperature Pb3 (P O4)2 C12
1977 Stevens, E.D.; Experimental charge density distribution in potassium azide by diffraction methods K N3 I4/
1975 Ahtee, M.; Hewat, A.W.; The Structures of Na.98 K.02 Nb O3 and Na.90 K.10 Nb O3 (Phase Q) at Room Temperature by Neutron Powder Diffraction Na.90 K.10 Nb O3 P1M
1975 Gatterer, J.; Dufek, G.; Ettmayer, P.; Kieffer, R.; Das kubische Tantalmononitrid (B1-Typ) und seine Mischbarkeit mit den isotypen Uebergangsmetallnitriden und -carbiden Ta N FM3
1968 Suzuoka, T.; Adelson, E.; Austin, A.E.; Crystal and magnetic structure of Fe0.9 Mn0.9 Ge Fe0.9 Mn0.9 Ge P63
1956 Shimomura, Y.; Kojima, M.; Saito, S.; Crystal structure of ferromagnetic nickel oxide (Ni15 O16).125 C12
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