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1999 Miletich, R.; Nowak, M.; Seifert, F.; Angel, R.J.; Brandstaetter, G.; High-pressure crystal chemistry of chromous orthosilicate, Cr2 Si O4. A single-crystal X-ray diffraction and electronic absorption spectroscopy study Cr2 (Si O4) FDDDZ
1997 Miletich, R.; Allan, D.R.; Angel, R.J.; The synthetic Cr(2+) silicates Ba Cr Si4 O10 and Sr Cr Si4 O10: the missing links in the gillespite-type A B Si4 O10 series Sr (Cr Si4 O10) P4/NCCZ
1997 Allan, D.R.; Angel, R.J.; A high-pressure structural study of microcline (K Al Si3 O8) to 7 GPa K (Al Si3 O8) C1- Microcline ordered
1994 Christy, A.G.; Angel, R.J.; Haines, J.; Clark, S.M.; Crystal structural variation and phase transition in caesium trichlorocuprate at high pressure Cs (Cu Cl3) P6122
1992 Chandley, P.; Clark, R.J.H.; Angel, R.J.; Price, G.D.; Site preference of vanadium doped into ZrSiO4 and ZrGeO4 and of terbium doped into ZrGeO4 (Zr.961 Tb.039) (Ge O4) I41/AS
1988 Angel, R.J.; Finger, L.W.; Polymorphism of nickel sulfate hexahydrate Ni (S O4) (H2 O)6 C12/C1 Nickelhexahydrite
1987 Ross, N.L.; Angel, R.J.; Finger, L.W.; Hazen, R.M.; Prewitt, C.T.; Oxygen-Defect Perovskites and the 93-K Superconductor Y Ba2 Cu Cu2 O6 P4-M2
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