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2000 Beck, J.; Hedderich, S.; Koellisch, K.; Hg3 As E4 X (E = S, Se; X = Cl, Br, I), a family of isotypic compounds with an acentric, layered structure (Hg3 Se) (As Se3) Br P63MC
2000 Beck, J.; Hedderich, S.; Neisel, U.; Synthesis and crystal structures of Hg6 Sb5 Br7, Hg6 As4 Bi Cl7 and Hg6 As4 Bi Br7, built of a polycationic mercury-pnictide framework with trapped anions (Hg6 Sb4) (Sb Br6) Br PA3-
1999 Beck, J.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Synthese und Kristallstrukturen der Rhenium-Dreieckscluster Re3 E7 X7 (E= S, Se; X= Cl, Br) (Re3 (Se) (Se2)3 Br6) Br P31C
1996 Beck, J.; Pell, M.A.; Richter, J.; Ibers, J.A.; Modified tellurium subhalides in the new structure type (Te15 X4)n (M O X4)2n (M = Mo, W; X = Cl, Br) (Te15 Br4) (Mo O Br4)2 C12/M1
1991 Beck, J.; Tellurium cations by Lewis acid-base reactions: syntheses and crystal structures of (Te4(2+))(Zr2Br10(2-)) and (TeBr3(+))(Zr2Br9(-)) Te4 (Br4 Zr (Br)2 Zr Br4) I12/M1
1980 Rebbah, A.; Yazbeck, J.; Deschanvres, A.; Structure de Cd3 As Cl3 et Donnees Cristallographiques de Cd3 P Cl3 Cd3 As Cl3 PNMA
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